Nevada Patriot Online

April 6, 2020

“Emergency Declarations and Constitutional Rights”

April 9th @ 6pm

Guest Speaker Marc Randazza, noted First Amendment lawyer.  Marc gave a great talk about the unconstitutional decrees we are seeing come out during this coronavirus debacle.  He gave examples of various attacks on First Amendment Rights that he has defended and also included examples of violations of our First Amendment throughout the country at this time.  There were great questions from participants and Marc expounded on the questions as he answered them.  He cautioned us to be constantly vigilant of these attacks on our liberties and strongly encouraged us to seek redress from our elected representatives.

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Guest Speaker Mo Wiltshire, former prosecutor and prominent trial lawyer.  Mo presented information regarding the attacks on our Second Amendment that we are seeing across the country.  While Mo lives in Athens, GA, he gave us examples of attacks from across the country and specifically about a case they had to bring against their elected representatives in Georgia.  He strongly encouraged us to defend our Second Amendment Rights by filing lawsuits if necessary against our elected representatives that violate the Constitution. 

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This meeting was a collaborative effort by Reno Tax Revolt, Conservative Talk Lunch, Quality of Life-Reno and Nevada Patriot. 

Virtual Meeting via Zoom

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