Nevada Patriot Online Meeting

April 15, 2020

Nevada Patriot Virtual Meeting

April 16th @ 6pm

James Settelmeyer is the Nevada State Senator for District 17.  I contacted him to ask him if he would speak to the group about the lack of hue and cry from our representatives regarding the over reach of our Governor.  He gave us insight as to his perspective which is that we do have representatives who are standing up to Sisolak and it is not being covered by the news outlets, therefore we are not aware of it.  He drafted and sent a letter to the Governor asking several  point blank questions regarding the handling of this crisis.  The response he received from the Governor’s office was that his letter constituted a personal attack.  Senator Settelmeyer also attends a weekly “meeting” with the Governor’s office where the representatives are not allowed to ask questions.  In my opinion, this is not a meeting, it is a lecture.

His recommendation to us was that we each contact the ACLU and ask why they are not defending our individual liberties regarding the right to peaceably assemble, the right to freely travel and the right to worship as we see fit.  Do they not represent ALL of the people?


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Virtual Meeting via Zoom

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