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May 28, 2020

Nevada Patriot Online Meeting

May 28th @ 6pm

During last night’s meeting, Barney Wadley of Fight for Nevada gave us an update on the Recall Sisolak Effort.  While the Recall  Effort failed to garner the required number of signatures, it does not mean that it is over. The former Board of Directors will be assisting the new Board in a mentoring capacity in order to avoid known pitfalls. There were many lessons learned and the next recall effort should not only run smoothly, it should also be successful. If you are interested in being a member of the Board of Directors for the Recall Effort 2.0 please contact

Melissa Clement of Nevada Right to Life gave us information about a petition they are circulating the hopes compel our state Legislature to remove the prohibitions about parents being informed when their minor daughters seek abortions. Since 1985, Nevada law has included parental notification requirements, but due to a court ruling, it has never been enforced.  Nevada’s parents have repeatedly demanded a fix so that the statute could be enforced as originally intended only to be ignored.  If the legislature refuses to do its job, our State Constitution provides a remedy so that the citizenry can, the outcome of which is the Protect Our Girls Statutory Initiative.  By collecting 100,000 signatures it gives the Legislature the opportunity to fix the problem. If they fail, it goes to the Nevada Voters in 2022 by ballot. To learn more visit the box below.


Monica Jaye gave us her perspective on some of the issues surrounding our Governor not opening our state. People are waking up, yet the apathy within the state remains. She pointed out that everyone needs to be researching for themselves, calling, asking questions, and going to the source for information.  Politics has historically lent itself to a great deal of foul play and we need to be diligent when seeking information. There was a great rapid-fire question and answer exchange with Joel Beck, Candidate for Congressional District 2 (running against Mark Amodei).  Not only was it entertaining, but it was also educational as well.  Monica encouraged us to check the status of our own ballot.  Click HERE  and scroll down to Voter Registration Lookup to do just that. To check the reports of Early Voting click HERE for more information than you ever knew was out there.

Joel Beck is running for Congressional District 2 against Mark Amodei.  He gave us a basic rundown of his platform and explained the reason he decided to run for office was that he felt the people of Nevada are not being represented or heard.  Joel is a US Air Force Veteran and one of the few candidates or politicians that HAD signed the Recall Sisolak Petition.  He supports term limits, the 2nd Amendment as it is written and is a strong advocate for traditional, conservative values. Joel encourages people to reach him a Joel Beck  or email   or phone:  775-339-1073.

You may want to check the new HOTSHEET (link below) from  Quality of Life-Reno (QOL) and discover why the Reno City Council gets an automatic raise while 368 city workers are laid off, or you might want to find out how Washoe County’s approach to COVID-19 is keeping more addicts on the streets and much more!

There are a couple of events and opportunities coming up (see details and links in the boxes below).  There is an urgent need for Poll Watchers now through June 16th. This Saturday at 11 am in Carson City is a rally to “Stand Up For Nevada”.  There is a Firearms Webinar being held Tuesday, June 2nd at 1 pm “Gun Owners: What Is Your Defensive Mindset?”.  The Constitution Class is being held virtually on Wednesdays at 4 pm.  Quality of Life-Reno (QOL) has a new HOTSHEET out:  discover why the Reno City Council gets an automatic raise while 368 city workers are laid off, find out how Washoe County’s approach to COVID-19 keeps more addicts on the street and more!  You may want to check out our website for candidate interviews and links to the previous Zoom meetings.

Virtual Meeting via Zoom

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