PATRIOTIC REVIEW 22 August 2020 As the Shutdown Drags On………………

August 21, 2020

Hello Fellow Patriots,

In recent news, the Governor has ordered the closing of bars and taverns for yet another two weeks. He and his advisors are extremely concerned about home gatherings as well. I guess they don’t see the correlation between keeping everything closed and people meeting at their private residences. Do they not understand that we are social animals or is it that they do understand that and want to keep us apart? Are they afraid me might be plotting their overthrow? My message to the Governor is, just because you are paranoid does not mean that they are not out to get you!

There was a small Nevada Patriot gathering at Pah Rah Mountain Park that was invigorating and it renewed my conviction that we must join together to share information and ideas to keep our community vibrant. While I did not have guest speakers lined up, a representative from Fight for Nevada Recall Sisolak 2.0 and Melissa Clement with Nevada Right to Life wer both in attendance. They were there to share information and encourage involvement in issues that affect all of us. I just happen to have a video of the Patriots in the Park Meeting brought to you by David Block. I am grateful for both his taping and his editing skills. To view the video: CLICK HERE.

It could be a busy week should you so choose with all of the different activities taking place. As you read through all of the opportunities within our community that are available, you might consider becoming involved. This list is by no means comprehensive. There are plenty of other ways to support our community. I encourage you either test the water with your toes or just dive right in. You might be only one person and you can’t do everything, yet I challange you to do something. You don’t want to become the person that just sits and complains and does nothing. Together we can keep this community and America great.

Best Regards,

Bruce Parks

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