Patriotic Perspective: 2

September 6, 2020

How did our government get to be as big as it is today? Actually, there are two reasons we do not have
even remotely the freedoms our Founding Fathers enjoyed. First, when hammering out the
Constitution, Congress was given the power to levy taxes and spend money. Alexander Hamilton said,
“Money is one of the essential agencies of Government. Without it no Government can exist, and
without the power to raise it, it cannot be had.”
This power was necessary for the preservation of the nation, but it was intended to be for the general
welfare of the people. Congress has no Constitutional authority to spend any money for anything that
does not benefit all the people. This is known as the Welfare Clause. Unfortunately, this clause has been
misconstrued and abused to the point that the original intent of our Founding Fathers has been lost. Our
current Congress taxes and spends uncontrollably. Government appetite for money is insatiable.
The second way our government grew to the behemoth it is today is through the Commerce Clause.
Congress was given the power to regulate commerce. The original intent was to ensure the free flow of
goods between the states. While our Constitution was being written, the states were engaged in trade
wars with each other and levying import taxes on goods from other states. Giving the power to regulate
commerce to Congress prevented the states from taking advantage of each other. Our founding Fathers
could not have foreseen that this power would be so perverted by our elected representatives. There
are over 4000 federal regulations attached to the hamburger you bought for lunch yesterday.

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