PATRIOTIC REVIEW Dec 2020 Keep America Great

Hello Patriots,

I am happy to see 2020 coming to an end and doubt I am alone in this. None of us know what the New Year will bring for us, yet I do know that our commitment to our Constitution, our Country and to our American way of life must not waiver. I have major concerns over what may happen at the national level. I also have grave concerns about 2021 holds for Nevada. Let us continue standing together in our resolve to Keep America Great.

This upcoming Legislature can and will do enormous damage to our state; Nevada has both a liberally controlled State Assembly and Senate. The Battle Born Patriots group has become a watch dog organization and, among other things, will be working on fighting bills harmful to the citizens of this state. Leading the way is Barney Wadley. Barney held the position of Secretary for the first Sisolak Recall attempt. He is currently the Legislative Bill Coordinator for Battle Born Patriots (the group that attempted the last Sisolak Recall). He is leading a team of Patriots that will be reading, deciphering and digesting bills proposed during the 81st Legislative Session. You can help by working in teams that will take a bill, read it, follow it and give feedback on whether it is a bill that would be beneficial or detrimental to for Nevada. To join the team and assist in bill translation please email Barney Wadley at .

January 6th is coming. What will Vice President Pence do? His options include:
1. Opening the certified ballots from the 50 states in which case Biden becomes President.
2. Counting the electoral votes from each state as he chooses. The contested states that submitted two opposing slates of electoral votes could have either or none of their electoral votes counted.
3. If neither candidate reaches 270 electoral votes, it will be decided by the House of Representatives; only one vote is allowed for each state.

It has been quite the roller coaster thrill so far and we are getting closer to the wildest part of the ride.

Best Regards,

Bruce Parks

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