PATRIOTIC REVIEW 12 Jan 2021 Stand Up

Hello Fellow Patriots,

I would like to share some good news! The counties of White Pine and Elko have stood up to the bully that occupies our Governor’s Mansion. They have essentially signed Declarations of Independence from his tyrannical rule. They have declared economic emergencies for their counties and have nullified his mandates and directives. Nye county is currently pursuing the same action. If we want Washoe County liberated we must pressure our county commissioners to listen to us and follow the examples of White Pine and Elko. Commissioner Jeanne Herman has attempted to have a resolution placed on the agenda and was thwarted by Chairman Bob Lucey. There is more information on this included below from the Nevada Families for Freedom.

The 2021 Legislative Session begins on Feb 1. As of this writing, we the people of Nevada have been locked out of our house. We will not be allowed in the legislative building to address our representatives and have our voices heard during this legislative session. Contact the legislators now and express your opinion regarding this matter, (emails and phone numbers below). I am absolutely outraged at this egregious violation of our Constitution. We know that they will be considering new taxes and increases in existing taxes during this session. Isn’t locking us out of our house taxation without representation? (See the flyer below.)

During this upcoming legislative session, if you would like to be part of the email “Hot Line” that will be contacting representatives as bills will be introduced, please contact Barney from Battle Born Patriots at He will need all the help he can get this session. He is also in need of volunteers to help read and decipher these bills.

The Washoe County School District Board of Trustees meets this Tuesday at Wooster High School at 4pm. I encourage anybody interested in attending to voice your opinion during the public comment time about the utter failings of our school district to actually educate our children and be fiscally responsible with our tax dollars. It is my opinion that the school district is not so much interested in education as they are indoctrination so that they may create a generation of social justice warriors that lack the requisite skills to become productive members of our community. Jeff Church, the lone conservative voice on the board, is fighting an uphill battle and could use our support.

Best Regards,

Bruce Parks Patriot: Conservative Politics

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