PATRIOTIC REVIEW: Sept 2020 Our Tyrannical Governor

Hello Fellow Patriots,

As I am writing this I am angry beyond description.  The behavior of our Governor is so repugnant to me that I am beside myself.  I hope you all have seen the video of him out to dinner with his wife at a location that had live music with a singer (singing being something not currently allowed in churches).  His blatant disregard for the citizens of Nevada is appalling.  He has clearly demonstrated time and again that his mandates are for you and not for him. These are not the actions of a concerned representative.  These are the actions of a tyrant.  “Tyranny is defined as that which is legal for the government and illegal for the citizenry”  Thomas Jefferson.

Folks, this “pandemic” that our Governor used as an excuse to invoke emergency powers is a farce.  The CDC recently released information that only 6% of ALL of the deaths which had been reported as caused by COVID-19 were indeed the result of COVID-19.  The other 94% of deaths had co-morbidities.

We should all be asking at this point, why is this state not open?  Why are we locked down?  Why is the Gov still enforcing his mandates?  This has nothing to do with public safety as the CDC just let that cat out of the bag.

After doing some research and talking with the Washoe County Voter Registrar Office, it is my opinion, that the safest way to ensure that your vote will be counted is to take the ballot that comes in the mail to your county registrar’s office IN PERSON.  Do not, under any circumstances, mail your ballot.  The next best option is to go to the polling places IN PERSON and cast your vote on machine.  I will not be using the machines as I do not trust the machines to tally votes accurately as it has been demonstrated that the machines may be compromised.

You may verify your voting signature online here  and click “Update My Existing Voter Registration”, fill out the information, keep proceeding, keep continuing, then you will get the the Final Review, scroll down and your signature will appear. This is the way your signature will need to be on the ballot and any petitions.  It happens to be the signature from your Driver’s License.  As all of my information was correct, I did not opt to update my registration and I “Ended the Session”. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, so I didn’t.

In the history of this country there have always been attempts to manipulate elections.  Cheating during the elections has never been as wide spread and the election process has never been as vulnerable as it is today. This leads me to the need for Poll Watchers.  We need Poll Watchers to stave off voter fraud. If you are interested please look at the dates and locations below this letter and contact Carole Fineberg at

There is a Meet the Candidates for Washoe County School Board and the Reno City Council  Webinar via Zoom on September 5th at noon. After the recent kerfuffle surrounding Scott Kelly, candidate for WCSD Board, you may now have more interest in listening to the candidates and asking them questions.

Last, the wrong link was accidentally provided for viewing the Patriots in the Park meeting.  Here is the corrected link.  We will be having a  Nevada Patriot meeting, yet to be announced, in September.

Best Regards,

Bruce Parks


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