PATRIOTIC REVIEW Sept 2020 We Will Never Forget: 9/11

Hello Fellow Patriots,

This Friday is the commemoration of the worst terrorist attack on American soil.  We remember; we will NEVER forget!  Someone said the greatness of a nation can be measured not by the people it produces but by those it chooses to remember.  All of our courageous first responders and the citizens that lost their lives; their sacrifice will be for nothing if we as a nation fail to commemorate that day.

Great news!  The signature drive to recall the tyrant in the Governor’s Office is underway!  This is a grass roots movement Taking Nevada Back by Recalling Sisolak:  Battle ★ Born ★ Patriots. The focus is singular: gathering the required number of signatures to force a special election.  We cannot afford to have him still in office when the next legislative session begins.  In addition to signing the petition, your help and support is needed to make this happen.  There are numerous ways you can help besides circulating a petition.  Contact your County Lead  here to find out what you can do This is a history making endeavor that will ever remind people seeking office that “we the people” are in charge.

In the history of this country there have always been attempts to manipulate elections.  Cheating during the elections has never been as wide spread and the election process has never been as vulnerable as it is today. This leads me to the need for Poll Watchers.  We need Poll Watchers to stave off voter fraud. If you are interested please look at the dates and locations below this letter and contact Carole Fineberg at

Happenings to note:  This Friday there is a GOP Cocktail Social as well as a Never Forget 9-11 Car/Flag Rally and BBQ. Saturday will be the broadcast of Race Across America.  Tuesday for lunch is the RMC meeting at the Atlantis.  Tuesday evening is the Convention of States Zoom Meeting which is also the anniversary the proposal of Article V of the Constitution at the Constitutional Convention.  Also, consider signing the Nevada Right to Life petition.

Best Regards,

Bruce Parks

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