PATRIOTIC REVIEW 2021 Feb 5 Get Involved!

Hello Fellow Patriots,

We have received word that legislative emails will be run through software screening for repetition; repetitive emails will be blocked. This means that generic emails will no longer get through; emails written to the legislators must be ORIGINAL and UNIQUE. (See below for the emails of Legislators.) Not to be overlooked is the value of also expressing your opinion on the Legislative Website as those opinions are officially logged and counted.

There was a good turn out protesting the legislative session being closed to the pubic.
Here is a short video expressing my opinions about our house being closed to us.

There is good news again! The counties of White Pine, Elko, Eureka, Lyon and most recently Nye have adopted Economic Emergency Resolutions which nullify the Governor’s mandates. What is Washoe County waiting for Commissioner Bob Lucey? The citizens of Washoe County deserve to know.

The Washoe County Board of County Commissioners meet at 10AM, Tuesday, Feb. 9th at 1001 E. Ninth Street, Reno. This is the board that refuses to put on the agenda for discussion an Economic Emergency Resolution at the request of the citizens. Bob Lucey maintains that a Resolution would only affect the unincorporated parts of Washoe County (false) and that the Resolution would be meaningless. To view his specific comments begin at minute 40:00

The Washoe County School District Board of Trustees meets this Tuesday, Feb. 9th at Sky Ranch Middle School 1200 Windmill Farms, Sparks, NV at 4pm (see below for a map and the agenda). It is up to us, the citizens, to let the board know what we think about fiscal irresponsibility and the lack of actual education that occurs in our school. There is a reason why Nevada is 49th in the nation.

This Wednesday is the Conservative Talk Lunch followed Wednesday evening by a virtual class on the Constitution. Consider signing up for the Washoe Patriots group on their website. Information for the all of these is located below.

Now, more than ever, is the time to become involved.

Best Regards,

Bruce Parks Nevada Patriot: Conservative Politics

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