ACTION: 2021 Feb 8 Washoe County Commissioners Throwing Your Money Down the Drain

Fellow Patriots,

As you are aware I refrain from issuing calls to action on this platform because I have witnessed others abuse the privilege. I will only send out a call to action when it is vital to the interests of this community. As we are all aware, the Reno City Council has failed to effectively address the issue of homelessness in our community. They continue to waste our tax dollars by irresponsibly putting dollar after dollar towards perpetuating the situation instead of fixing it. Now the Washoe County Commissioners are taking up the mantle and want to establish a “homelessness” fund for the purported purpose of addressing the problem; in essence, this will make all of Washoe County fiscally responsible for the failure of the Reno City Council.

I received the following email from one of our County Commissioners asking for our help.

“This is a sneaky way to transition into a new General Services Tax on ALL vehicles !!!!!!!! It will cost us millions for this slush fund. We are playing into Reno’s hand. They invite the homeless to come here and we are going to be the scapegoats who have to pay for it! And that was their plan all along. Washoe County Board of Commissioners meeting Tuesday at 10.”

I would encourage anyone that is able to come to the Washoe County Commissioners Meeting tomorrow February 9th, Tuesday at 10am, 1001 E. Ninth Street, Reno and let your voice be heard. I have spent enough time dealing with the homeless in our community that I can accurately tell you the majority of these people do not want to accept any personal responsibility for their poor life choices that lead to the situation in which they find themselves. The small minority that are incapable of managing their own affairs need our help and we have the agencies in place to provide that. What we lack is the will of our elected officials to fix the problem. The majority of these people simply want to be left alone to never become productive members of our community. There is an easy solution to this problem that our elected officials refuse to acknowledge and that is to enforce our current laws. Doing so would force the 99% to accept responsibility and change their lifestyles and will identify the 1% incapable of managing their own affairs. The specific agenda item that requires public input is Item 8.B.2 on the agenda (see below). To see the full agenda click here.

Bruce Parks
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