Patriotic Review 2021 Feb 22It’s Never Too Late to Get Involved

Fellow Patriots,

I have good news to share. A lawsuit has been brought against the Nevada Governor, Nevada Attorney General, Nevada Senate Majority Leader and the head of the Legislative Council Bureau. This action is in response to the legislature closing the doors to the public. It is unfortunate that we the people have to resort to legal action in order to get our elected representatives to listen to us. I see more and more examples of people standing up for our basic liberties. The question is, what happens when the courts refuse to listen as in what recently happened in the Supreme Court denying to hear the Pennsylvania case regarding voter fraud?

While the legislature is in session I’m looking at a great deal of proposed legislation that is frightening. For instance, SB73 will introduce new taxes for the City of Reno. AB121 will allow voting over the internet further corrupting our election process. Additionally Janine Hansen with Nevada Families for Freedom has researched AB129 which reverses legislation she fought for and was passed regarding campaign finance reporting. Click here to read the article from Nevada Families for Freedom.

I encourage everyone reading this to get involved in the process. Remember every law that is passed, be it local, state or federal, has an impact on your liberty. Emails to legislators should be fairly unique as software has been purchased for screening out redundant emails to the legislators. Also, post your opinion on the legislative website (click here). These opinions are tallied and recorded. It only takes 5 minutes of your day to have an impact on what comes out of our legislature.

This newsletter includes an opinion column penned by Paul D. White. These articles will soon be available under a separate tab at As a reminder, the Washoe County Board of County Commissioners meets Tuesday, Feb 23rd at 10am; 1001 E. 9th Street, Reno. This is an opportunity to tell your county commissioners what you think. Washoe County School Board meets Tuesday, Feb 23rd at 4pm, North Valleys High School. Reno City Council meets virtually on Wednesday Feb 24th and is still closed to public meeting as is the Sparks City Council which meets virtually today at 5pm, Feb 22.

As of this newsletter we have pulled our support for the Washoe Patriot Organization. As you all know, I strive to make sure that all information you receive from Nevada Patriot is accurate and that will always be the benchmark for this organization. If you have any questions, please contact me.

Best Regards,

Bruce Parks Nevada Patriot: Conservative Politics

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