Patritotic Review 2021 March 3 Patriots Are Standing Up All Around Us

March 3, 2021

Hello Fellow Patriots,

I like to start these newsletters with some good news. In response to the occupier of the Governor’s Mansion recent “innovation zones”, Storey County has passed a resolution forbidding the creation of such zones within their county. The primary focus of these innovation zones was the industrial park along USA Parkway. Please take the time to write or call Storey County Commissioners and praise them for standing up to the despot known as our Governor.

Additionally, the Nevada GOP delivered 80,000 documents to the Nevada Attorney General proving our election was compromised. They will also be delivering these same documents to the Nevada Secretary of State Thursday, and demanding an investigation into voter fraud during the State of Nevada election of 2020. It does not matter who we run as candidates and what measure we try to get through or block in our legislature if our elected representatives are not accountable to we the people. As long as our votes don’t count, politicians can do as they will and we have no recourse.

The hearing for SB11 and SB73 is being held this Thursday, March 8th at 1pm. Call in to testify against these bills, (sign up in advance).

SB11 Increases Government Services Tax (Car Registration) for Reno and Sparks. This bill not only increases your registration 1 cent per dollar valuation of your vehicle (if your vehicle is valued at $20,000 then you will now pay an extra $200 per year to register that vehicle), it also allows both Reno and Sparks to further additionally increase car registration taxes on top of this. People have lost their livelihoods and business yet this bill seeks to raise taxes in the middle of an economic crisis. Why not cut the budget instead?

SB73 The bill is about the City of Reno Raising Taxes. Increase of property taxes, transfer tax on real estate, sales tax, additional Government Service Tax (GST) for car registration and transient lodging tax (hotels and motels). This tax will go for parks and recreational services and protection of the Truckee (will this include getting the homeless off of the river…..our water source and for payment of principal and interest on bonds for such purposes. This bill also allows the City of Reno to reallocate the Flood Management Funds at their discretion (remember Lemon Valley). Passage of this bill is likely to drive business out of Reno. Why is the City of Reno not cutting the budget?

For both SB73 and SB11 contact: (When emailing remember to use your own words or the email will not make it to the legislator.)

The Senate Revenue Committee 775-684-2121 775-684-1224 775-684-2128 775-684-2156 775-684-2103

SJR8 This bill is being promoted under the guise of an Equal Rights Amendment. It will hurt girls in sports forcing them to compete with transgender males which, in turn, will interfere with success of girls in sports and their opportunities for scholarships will be harmed. This bill will remove privacy at school in the bathrooms, locker rooms and showers. This bill forces taxpayers to fund abortions and forces doctors to perform them even if it is against their beliefs. This bill is the most radical ERA bill of any state in the union. This bill takes it upon itself to omit the word “religion” or any equality for it. There is nothing equitable about this bill.

Sponsors and Co-Sponsors of SJR8 (775) 684-1475 (775) 684-1424 (775) 684-1433 (775) 684-1422 (775) 684-1431 (775) 684-1445 (775) 684-6502 (775) 684-6503 (775) 684-1419

Best Regards,

Bruce Parks Nevada Patriot: Conservative Politics
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