Patriotic Review 2021 March 16

Fellow Patriots,

As of this writing we have many bills coming up for hearings that I hope will be met with lots of public comment from we the people. It is simple to do so and in addition to emailing individual legislators, this is a very effective means of having your voice heard. For a short video of how to navigate the Nevada Electronic Legislative Information System (NELIS) click here. I believe it is of paramount importance that we tell our representatives how we feel.  Share your opinion on the legislative website

We need to let our legislators know that we are totally opposed to AB286.  This bill effectively does away with your second amendment right to carry a gun in public whether concealed or open carry.  This bill would make a concealed carry permit useless.   It will institute “gun free zones” that the criminal elements just love.  This bill comes up for hearing at 8am Wednesday, March 17th.  Let us come together and protect our rights to defend ourselves.

I am concerned that until our elections are fair and honest again, our representatives have nothing to fear from the people the serve. If they believe that the people can no longer influence their ability to hold or achieve office, then they have no reason to listen to us. We MUST let them know that we demand fair elections! There are bills being introduced that will affect our elections for years to come that will make it all but impossible to have fair elections. One example of this is AB121 that will allow anyone with a computer to vote from home! This bill was introduced under the guise of making it easier for people with disabilities but do not let that fool you! This is a typical tactic employed to make you think that they are trying to do something beneficial but hidden in the bill are provisions they do not talk about! I have read too many bills with this little trick in them!

I am asking everyone that reads this to write a short, hand written letter to the Nevada Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske asking her to please investigate the incidence of voter fraud that occurred  that is contained in the four boxes of evidence delivered to her by the Nevada GOP.  After all, it is within her job description to investigate all suspected incidences of voter fraud.  It would be beneficial if we all sent our snail mail letters on the same day.  I propose Friday, March 19th.  I believe it will be worth the 50 cent stamp.

Secretary of State
Barbara Cegavske
Nevada State Capitol Building
101 North Carson Street, Suite 3
Carson City, NV 89701

For those of you that were at the school board meeting on the 9th of March please be aware that I have filed an official complaint with the Nevada Attorney General about the violation of the Open Meeting Law that occurred that night. I was incredibly pleased to see how many people showed up for the meeting. We must stand up and show up if we expect anything to change. Imagine if we had 100 people there that night? If we all stood up with one voice and demanded they fix the problem with the board not being able to be heard by the public, I wonder what would have happened? I bet they would have reacted differently than they did! Sometimes quantity is as important as quality.

Someway, somehow, get involved.

Best Regards,

Bruce Parks  Nevada Patriot: Conservative Politics

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