19 March 2021 Voter Fraud ACTION ACTION ACTION

Secretary of State and Voter Fraud Investigation. Let’s do this! I am asking everyone that reads this to write a short, hand written letter to the Nevada Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske asking her to please investigate the incidences of voter fraud that occurred that is contained in the four boxes of evidence delivered to her by the Nevada GOP. After all, it is within her job description to investigate all suspected incidents of voter fraud. It would be beneficial if we all sent our snail mail letters on the same day. I propose Friday, March 19th. I believe it will be worth the 50 cent stamp.

Secretary of State
Barbara Cegavske
Nevada State Capitol Building
101 North Carson Street, Suite 3
Carson City, NV 89701

3,987 Individual Non-Citizen Voter Complaints

1,506 Individual Deceased Voter Complaints

2,468 Individual National Change of Address to Out of State Complaints

31,643 ID Required Flagged Individuals

324 Federal Post Card Registration Complaints

120 Page Report on Native American Cash for Votes Scheme

42,284 Individual Duplicate Voter Complaints

15,164 Non-Nevada Mailing Addresses

8,842 Commercial Registration Addresses

8,111 Non-Existent Addresses

8,529 Reactivated Votes by Mail

60 Voters in Clark County with the first name ‘Resident’ last name ‘Resident

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