Patriotic Review 28 March 2021

March 28, 2021

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This week the Washoe County School Board will be voting to potentially crush the First Amendment Rights of both teachers and students. They will also be voting on giving the Superintendent the authority to determine what constitutes “political” speech.  I believe it’s time we give the school Board a civics lesson, which, by the way, is something no longer taught in the WCSD. We need to make sure they understand, they represent the people.  We are not concerned with what their opinion is about anything.  We want them to vote according to the wishes of the people that elected them.  Why is it that when politicians achieve office they seem to think we are no longer capable of deciding for ourselves what is good for us? I cannot fathom the unmitigated gall required to believe  because you hold office the people you represent are now your subjects.  I, for one, am tired of seeing this attitude displayed by politicians that refuse to comprehend the principles on which this country was founded.  When we elect  a person to represent us, we have every reason to demand that they do exactly that, represent us.  We do not relinquish our sovereignty to any politician. We are citizens, not subjects.

This Tuesday, March 30th,  is the meeting of the Washoe County School Board of Trustees at 4pm, Damonte Ranch High School (Theater) 10500 Rio Wrangle Parkway, Reno. The Board will be served a Cease and Desist Order signed by the residents of Washoe County, to hopefully prevent what they are trying to do. Please attend if at all possible; show up early to sign the petition.  The full Cease and Desist Order, drafted by the attorney Joey Gilbert, will be read to the Board during the Public Comment at 3 minute intervals. To sign the online petition click here.  The purpose of the petition is to demonstrate to the Board that the people of Washoe County of having their voices ignored. To read the letter from Paul White containing a more in depth explanation click here.  To download your own copy of the petition click here.  Paul White is also the author of the column “Uncomfortable Truths”.   Below you will find an excerpt of this latest in the series titled, “How Do We Fix Our WCSD Schools?”

Bills, bills and more bills.  There is a selection of bills below for you to view, comment and then contact the legislators.  Two video links have been included to assist with navigating NELIS (Nevada Electronic Legislative Information System).
Video #1
Video #2

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Bruce Parks  Nevada Patriot: Conservative Politics

How Do We Fix Our WCSD Schools?
by Paul D. White
For over a decade, the Washoe County School District (and all Nevada public schools) have ranked last in the nation or almost-last in the nation in quality of education.  WCSD superintendents and school boards have primarily blamed our failing schools on a lack of funding. That is probably false because 10 states fund their public schools equal-to or LOWER-than Nevada, and all 10 of those states outperform our schools. 
But if the solution for improving our schools is NOT more money, then what is it? Our failing schools result from 6 main issues that need to be dealt with. Each issue will be explained in more detail in this column and in the three succeeding ones.Part IV:  MORE ACCOUNTABILITY regarding WHAT is taught and HOW
HOW Subject Matter is Taught Matters
WhatEVER our WCSD schools are teaching, it’s clearly not being done in a way that ensures the students’ mastery of curriculum skills. This has much to do with how future teachers are being taught how to teach. Education programs at universities like UNR have devolved into saturating future teachers with Leftist ideologies, rather than instructing them in how to clearly and accountably present learning objectives in a way that results in students mastering those objectives. Additionally, as WCSD school discipline has become weaker, teachers have to deal with more in-class student drug use and disrespectful behavior, which destroy the orderly classroom environment that’s required for any real learning to take place.  To continue reading click here.  The entire series can be found at

(We would like to thank both Carole Fineberg and The Nevada Families Forum for compiling information.)

Needing Your Attention

SB300 Makes Nevada a Sanctuary State for Illegals. SB300 is moving us to a sanctuary state providing all government services and programs for illegals and preventing the enforcement of immigration laws.
Share Your Opinion
Hearing this Monday, March 29, 3:30pm
Contact: Senate Government Affairs Committee
Marilyn Dondero-Loop 775-684-1445 James Ohrenschall 775-684-6503 Dina Neal: 775-684-1429 Republicans: Pete Goicoechea 775-684-1447 Ira Hansen 775-684-1480,,,,
View SB300

SB139  This bill is an attempt to force insurance companies to pay for gender reassignment options, some of which the most current scientific studies do not support.

This bill is an attempt to force insurance companies to pay for gender reassignment options, some of which the most current scientific studies do not support.  To view more information about the bill and the latest scientific research click here.
Hearing:  Monday, March 29, 3:30pm
Share Your Opinion
Contact: Senate Commerce and Labor Committee
Pat Spearman (775) 684-1424 Dina Neal (775) 684-1429   Melanie Scheible (775) 684-1421 Roberta Lang  (775) 684-6504 Joe Hardy  (775) 684-1462 James Settelmeyer (775) 684-1470 Keith Pickard (775) 684-1481,,,,,,
View SB139
SB10 to Raise Property Taxes  Currently in Nevada law there is a formula for increasing property taxes for Single Family Homes and residential property with a 3% annual cap and for commercial property with an 8% annual cap. Currently, this means that the increase will be calculated between zero percent increase and 3% for single family homes and residential property between 3% or 8% for commercial property. This bill means that property taxes will be figured not between zero and 3% or zero and 8% annually but figured at the caps of 3% or 3% to 8%. This will result in increased property taxes for single family homes, residential property (rentals) and commercial property. Can you afford to pay more property taxes?
Hearing: Tuesday, March 30, 1pm
Share Your Opinion
Contact: Senate Revenue Committee
Dina Neal 775-684-1429 Julia Ratti 775-684-1433 Mo Denis: 775-684-1431 Ben Kieckhefer 775-684-1450 Heidi Gansert 775-684-1419,,,,
View SB10
AB255 is an overt attempt to take power away from the people and place it in the hands of the government.  This bill would force Washoe County School Board Trustees to be semi-elected, semi-appointed, with 4 elected and 3 appointed, (currently all are elected in Washoe County). This is the camel’s nose under the tent…pretty soon it will be the camel’s whole body. This currently the way it is in Clark County, as existing law draws the line in the sand at 75,000 students. This would make counties with a minimum of 25K students enrolled have to fall in line with the semi-appointed rule.
Share Your Opinion
Contact: Assembly Education Committee,,,,,,,,,,,

Shannon Bilbray-Axelrod  (775) 684-8847 Brittney Miller (775) 684-8833   Bea Duran (775) 684-8553   Edgar Flores  (775) 684-8583 Michelle Gorelow (775) 684-8573   Rochelle Nguyen  (775) 684-8541 Selena Torres  (775) 684-8835 Alexis Hansen (775) 684-8851 Melissa Hardy  (775) 684-8823 Lisa Krasner  (775) 684-8848 Richard McArthur (775) 684-8829  Jill Tolles (775) 684-8837

View AB255


 AB 134 (Needs to be Heard)
Assembly Committee on Legislative Operations & Elections   Basically, this bill repeals the bad effects of AB4, passed in the Special Session of 2020, bringing us ballot harvesting, all-mail ins, etc. Now more than ever we need to have AB 134 heard in committee. This bill proposed by Assemblyman Matthews, Dickman, Hafen, Wheeler, Titus, and Senator Buck is a clean repeal of the provisions of AB 4. Mail voting is already banned in numerous countries, we cannot allow Democrats to declare an “emergency” every election in order to prompt the provisions of AB4. You are to write or call and ask for the bill to be heard, as the Chairman of the Committee hasn’t scheduled it and will not unless they hear from us.  Contact Chair Brittney Miller

AB 263  (Needs to be Heard)
Assembly Committee on Legislative Operations & Elections   Requiring county and city clerks to audit the performance of persons who check voter signatures on absentee ballots, mailing ballots or mail ballots; setting forth certain requirements for signature verification devices. You are to write or call and ask for the bill to be heard, as the Chair of the Committee hasn’t scheduled it and will not unless he hears from us.  Contact Chair Brittney Miller

AB 328 – (Needs to be Heard)
Assembly Committee on Legislative Operations & Elections Authorizing a funeral director to notify the county clerk of the death of a person; requiring a county clerk to cancel the pre-registration or registration to vote for a person when notified by a funeral director that the person has died. Contact Chair Brittney Miller  and request that the bill be heard.

AB 297 (Needs to be Heard)
Assembly Committee on Legislative Operations & Elections Providing that a registrar of voters is an elected office. Provides that if a board of county commissioners has created the office of registrar of voters before January 1, 2022, a person who is a registrar of voters on January 1, 2022, may continue to serve in that office until the general election held in November 2022. In each county having a population of 100,000 or more, the board of county commissioners may create the office of registrar of voters, as an elected office and prescribe the qualifications, duties, and compensation of that office. The registrar of voters shall be elected by the qualified electors of the county, beginning at the general election immediately following the creation of the office of registrar of voters. The term of office of a registrar of voters is 4 years and begins on the first Monday in January following the general election. Contact Chair Brittney Miller  and request that the bill be heard.

AJR 11 (Needs to be Heard)
Assembly Committee on Legislative Operations & Elections Gives “None of the Above” (NOTA) some teeth. Currently NOTA merely means the next highest vote getter is elected. This bill would require if NOTA got the most votes, there would have to be a run-off or a special election.  Contact Chair Brittney Miller  and request that the bill be heard.

AJR 12  (Needs to be Heard)
Assembly Committee on Legislative Operations & Elections This resolution proposes to amend the Nevada Constitution to prohibit a vote on a bill or joint resolution until after it has been made available to the public for at least 48 hours after its first reading. Contact Chair Brittney Miller  and request that the bill be heard.


We are pleased that Reno’s very own Monica Jaye, 99.1 FM Talk Radio, is a candidate running  for  Congressional District 2.  She has our support.  If you wish to help Monica with her campaign for CD2, please contact her volunteer coordinator, Sandra Linares, 775-741-7000.


Conservative Talk Lunch (CTL)
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