Patriotic Review 5 April 2021

Hello Fellow Patriots,

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone that wrote a snail mail letter the Secretary of State regarding the investigation of the 122,000 incidents of voter fraud presented to her by the GOP.   The snail mail campaign was hugely successful.  I have it on good authority that she did indeed receive hundreds of letters, each of which had to be opened, and the letters are still trickling in.  A hand written letter still has impact and most importantly hand written mail has to be opened, unlike emails that can simply be deleted.  An interesting article published by 360 News Las Vegas  titled: “Cegavske’s Daily Calendar Shows She Failed To Supervise Joe Gloria”, click here.

I am now encouraging you to write a snail mail letter to each one of the Chairs of the legislative committees that are hearing bills and encourage them to do what is right for Nevada and listen to the people.  If they would only go to their own website and look at the numbers for and against each bill and vote accordingly.  To view the committees:

Legislative committee chairs decide which bills may be heard by their committee.The Assembly Legislative Operations and Elections Committee has been particularly bothersome and Chair Brittney Miller refuses to hear the following bills on election reform:  AB134, AB263, AB328, AB297.  Why would she refuse to allow bills to be heard on election integrity? According to Assemblyman Glen Leavitt, Assembly Republicans have only received 41 hearings out of their 124 bills.  This equates to 33%.  Assembly Democrats are hearing 53% of their own bills with 98 of their 185 bills being heard.  A committee chair has a responsibility to ALL parties and it is time she correct this situation.  or snail mail at:

Assemblywoman Brittney Miller
401 S Carson St
Carson City, NV 89701

The Washoe County Commissioners are having a Special Meeting to vote on implementing new China Virus restrictions.  These restrictions on our liberties cannot stand.  Email our County Commissioners,  show up at the 8:30AM meeting and have our voices heard.  If our county commissioners refuse to stand up to the tyrant that occupies the Governor’s mansion, they should at least be able to explain to us why.  There is no amount of COVID money that  Washoe County can receive that would make it worth crushing our rights.

I was just made aware that the Nevada Gaming Control Board (GCB) and Gaming Commission (GC) might be discriminating against minorities.   An excerpt from the Gaming Control Board letter of 14 Jan 2021 states “…… Nevada’s gaming industry as part of the state’s Frontline and Essential Workforce. To implement this portion of the Playbook most effectively, the Board is collecting information regarding the willingness of the industry’s workforce to receive vaccinations.” They most recently are now mandating that any business which includes gaming must require their “hospitality workers” receive the shot against the China Virus. If the business does not comply they will have their gaming license revoked (click here for the joint GCB and GC letter).  Mandatory inoculations are unconstitutional and the Gaming Control Board is over-reaching astronomically. We are entering some dark times people.  The public may email their opinion to the GCB and GC regarding this action here:   Public comments will be read at 9AM, Tuesday, April 7th and at the end of the meeting Wednesday, April 8th. To view the meeting:

There was tremendous support at the last Washoe County School District Board meeting.  Let’s keep the pressure up and let that board know that we will not sit idly by while they continue to squander our tax payer dollars and fail in their mission to education our children.  Take the Washoe County School District Strategic Plan and Budget Survey for the public and let them know what their priorities should be: click here.
Also, there is a new excerpt from Paul White’s series:  How Do We Fix Our WCSD Schools?  Part V:  BETTER DISCIPLINE and CONTROL of Student Behavior .

Battle Born Patriots (BBP) has been reading the legislative bills, deciphering, decoding and then translating them into a few sentences including major points for the legislators to review before a hearing or a vote. They are swamped with bills to read and need volunteer readers. Contact Barney (include Volunteer Bill Reader in the Subject line) if you can volunteer to review bills. It makes a huge difference to the legislators to have the digested bills available to them, at least that is the feedback BBP has been getting from them.

Synopsis of Opportunities:

  • Send snail mail to legislative chairs
  • Publicly comment: email the Nevada GCB and GC regarding their joint resolution on the shot
  • Keep the pressure on the Washoe County Commissioners and the Washoe County School Board
  • Take the WCSD public survey and let them know what you think
  • Read, translate, decipher and decode, then sub mitt a synopsis of the legislative bill
  • Record your opinion regarding bills 

Best regards,
Bruce Parks  Nevada Patriot: Conservative Politics


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