Patriotic Review 22 April 2021

Hello Fellow Patriots,

I like to start these newsletters off with good news.  In that vein, Churchill County Commissioners have unanimously voted to fully open Churchill County!  By fully open, I mean there are zero “mask mandates”.  This makes 10 Nevada counties that are now free, we have 7 to go.

Our voices are being heard by our legislators although not to the degree we would like.  There have been several seriously bad bills that have been significantly amended before being passed by the Assembly. An example is AB286, which would have negated a CCW permit and ban the manufacture of fire arms by hobbyists.  It was amended to simply address those firearms lacking serial numbers, (aka. “ghost guns”). It passed the Assembly. If passed by the Senate, it would make instant felons of anyone in possession of a firearm without a serial number.  Without a National Registry of Serial numbers, which would be the first step towards confiscation, serial numbers are meaningful only to the manufacturers.  They are not a significant law enforcement tool.  This is clear over-reach and irrational reaction to a problem that does not exist.

Another whopper of a bill, AB376, is mis-titled, “Keep Nevada Working Act”.  It would more appropriately be named, “Welcome Illegals Into Nevada For Use As Cheap Labor As Our Welfare Costs Rise Exponentially Act”.  The focus of this bill was to make Nevada a Sanctuary State for illegals.  There are now three amendments; no vote was taken in the Assembly, it is still an expensively and bad bill for Nevada and was referred to the Committee of Ways and Means; stay tuned for updates. We are going to need to pressure our Senators to ensure these bills do not become law.

We are continuing to fight for the children of Washoe County by holding the Washoe County School District Board of Trustees accountable for the lack of education in our schools.   Nevada ranks last in the nation for education and yet our School Board wants to integrate a new curriculum entirely focused on “social justice” instead of the 3 Rs.  This curriculum is not education, it is indoctrination.  I encourage you to click here and view the curriculum.  I recommend, to narrow your focus and where to look within the curriculum, click here for a pdf of the Nevada Families for Freedom article and then give your comments in the public survey (scroll to the bottom of the curriculum link for the survey).  The survey is only open until Monday, 26 April 2021. We need to let them know, NOT IN OUR SCHOOLS.  After you take the survey, consider emailing the WCSD Trustees and express your opposition to this curriculum.  Keep in mind the whole, “social justice push” is part of Marxists/Socialist doctrine to subvert our American way of life.

You may want to join the lawsuit against Washoe County School District.  Instead of focusing on the 3 Rs and giving our students the education they need to succeed, the school board continues to spend time and money on anti-racism indoctrination.  They have now locked the public out of the meetings as well.  Are you a current/former WCSD employee, parent, or student with firsthand WCSD experiences regarding student learning, abusive behavior, or denial of rights? Are you willing to stand up publicly, tell the truth, and give our children and community a fighting chance at a better future? Contact Joey Gilbert at “The People’s Champ” foundation or call Joey Gilbert’s office at (775) 210-1501 and ask for Andrea.  Mr. Gilbert is donating his services.
For a downloadable flyer  click here.

Last, yet not least, included in this newsletter is a portion of the sixth in the series written by Paul D. White, “How Do We Fix Our Washoe County Schools”.  If you missed portions of the series, the articles are hosted on  under the Paul White tab.

Synopsis of Opportunities:

  • Keep an eye out for bills being pushed through the Legislature at lightening speed; comment and email the Legislators.
  • Express your opinion on the WCSD integration of the Social Justice Curriculum before Monday, 26, April 2021
  • Participate in the Joey Gilbert Lawsuit against WCSBoard of Trustees
  • Consider attending the Virtual Constitution Class on Wednesdays at 4pm (see below) we are starting at the beginning of the series; we are only in the second lesson.  Now is the time to join and go through the entire course.
  • Washoe County Board of Commissioners Meeting  Tues 10AM  27 April, 21
  • Washoe County School Board of Trustees Meeting Tues 2PM  27 April, 21
  • Conservative Talk Lunch Wed 11:30AM 28 April, 21

Best regards,
Bruce Parks  Nevada Patriot: Conservative Politics

How Do We Fix Our WCSD Schools?  

Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.” (John Adams – 2nd President of the United States)

How Do We Fix Our WCSD Schools?  Part VI of a 6-Part Series

For over a decade, the Washoe County School District (and all Nevada public schools) have ranked last in the nation or almost-last in the nation in quality of education.  WCSD superintendents and school boards have primarily blamed our failing schools on a lack of funding. That is provably false because 10 states fund their public schools equal-to or LOWER-than Nevada, and all 10 of those states outperform our schools.  


“Where there is no vision, the people perish…” (Proverbs 29)

There is NO hope for the future of Washoe County’s 104 public schools and 62,000 students until WCSD leadership changes from top to bottom, beginning with Superintendent Kristin McNeill and Board President Angela Taylor. There currently exists NO “vision” in this duo’s leadership regarding how to proceed in creating schools that provide accountable academic teaching, a safe, secure and moral school environment, and don’t mismanage and waste almost $1 Billion per year in annual funding.

Superintendent McNeill was selected by the School Board as WCSD’s new superintendent approximately one year ago. McNeill’s appointment directly contradicted the recommendation of the professional search group hired by the Board, who didn’t even rate McNeill among the top 6 superintendent candidates in a very weak field of applicants.

Why did the Board’s professional search group NOT recommend Kristin McNeill to be the new superintendent?
To continue reading the article click here.

Paul D. White was a career public educator – as a teacher, principal, and superintendent, in 7 different school districts. A  2-time Educator of the Year, and national speaker/author on school reform, White’s focus  is transforming low-performing, out-of-control schools into drug-free, non-violent, racially harmonious, and high-achieving campuses.  He welcomes feedback at:

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