Patriotic Review 24 May 21

Patriotic Review 24 May 21

Hello Fellow Patriots,

The legislative session is fast coming to an end and we can expect an effort to pass a great many bills in a very short period of time. Most of these bills will be bad for Nevada. As you are probably aware there are some sneaky, underhanded political maneuverings taking place. For example, the bad bill, AB286 that was amended to remove all of the language about “no guns allowed” was regurgitated in the form of SB452. This was introduced by Nicole Cannizzaro under a faux “emergency”. I guess there is no level as to how low they will stoop to push their agenda through.

Speaking of low, our school board will be meeting on May 25. The major item they will be discussing is the horrid SHARE (sex ed) curriculum. This was written largely by Planned Parenthood. You don’t suppose they would have an agenda, do you? The board was supposed to be discussing their equally horrid Social Justice Curriculum. Thanks to the outcry from patriots they postponed it (again) to the June 8th agenda. I suspect this action was under the mistaken impression that we would not show up on the May 25. They couldn’t be more mistaken. We will continue to show up at every school board meeting until the ALL of the trustees understand that we will not tolerate our school board working against educating our children to the standard we pay for and expect. Our kids deserve better and that will only happen if we stand up. If you cannot attend, please email your public comment to:

In this edition you will also find an excerpt of Paul White’s Uncomfortable Truths Blog titled “Replacing Reno’s Homeless Shelter With A More Efficient Model”. This is Part II of this series.

Coming up on June 4th, James Taylor, President of the Heartland Institute, will be speaking. This is hosted by the Republican Women of Reno. He will be presenting the case for fighting back against the Tech Cartel and how to do it. See the flyer insert below for details.

Opportunities to get involved this week:
Tuesday May 25. Washoe County Board of Commissioners Meeting at 10AM
Tuesday May 25. Washoe County Board of Trustees Meeting (BIG RALLY PLANNED!) 2PM
Wednesday May 26. Conservative Talk Lunch 11:30am
Friday June 4th. James Tayor is speaking.

Best regards,
Bruce Parks Nevada Patriot: Conservative Politics

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23 May 2021 Replacing Reno’s Homeless Shelter With A More Effective Model (Part II)

23 May 2021 Replacing Reno’s Homeless Shelter With A More Effective Model (Part II)

Replacing Reno’s Homeless Shelter With A More Effective Model (Part II)
by Paul D. White


Chronically homeless vagrants REMAIN on the street for ONE REASON.

Misdiagnosis of the homeless situation by the City of Reno has led to pursuing failed policies of pity rather than policies of accountability and genuine compassion.

The Reno Police Department, in dealing with chronically homeless vagrants, has not been allowed to enforce the municipal code equally for ALL citizens. Officers are being ordered to act as social workers rather than strong, fair, law enforcement officers. Reno’s chronically homeless vagrants have arrogant contempt for the City’s well-intentioned but wrong-minded efforts. They have NO respect for the law and NO respect for the countless people offering help. Without being held accountable in any way for their situation, they have no reason to change their lifestyle or their choices.

Sever all ties with HUD funding of the homeless shelter. Fund the shelter program with a fraction of what is currently spent via a 3-way donor partnership between the City of Reno, a local business coalition, and the community.

Rationale -Increased reliance on HUD homeless funding has increased Reno’s problem with chronically homeless vagrants. More can be accomplished with less funding that is unrestricted by counterproductive HUD policies and mandates.

ALL chronically homeless vagrants seeking shelter must pass drug and alcohol tests.

Rationale -Reno’s years of providing homeless shelter without requiring a commitment to sober living has been a failure. Addicted clients not working toward building clean and sober lives will maintain criminal lifestyles in wet house shelters that facilitate continued substance abuse and law-breaking. No amount of time or money invested in addicted clients, without sobriety requirements, will yield anything more than temporary results.

Any chronically homeless vagrant desiring a shelter bed:
-Would be charged $200 per month, payable with job earnings, disability checks, or donating food stamps.
-Would be required to seek employment, accept life counseling, participate in daily cleaning of the facility, and participate in treatment for mental health issues, if needed.
-Would be allowed to stay in the dormitory a maximum of 8 weeks. Individuals desiring an overflow bed would pay $3 per night that would not include any use of the dormitory facilities.

Rationale -Reno’s HUD-mandated, no accountability approach has resulted in increased homeless related problems including less homeless vagrant employment, increased vagrant crime against individuals and property, and increased numbers of individuals using the shelters. Many chronically homeless individuals, from all regions of the U.S., come to Reno for an indefinite stay with its readily available meals, entertainment, and homeless shelter accommodations.

Eliminate the 2-tiered-justice system of special courts for chronically homeless vagrants.
-Direct the Reno Police Department to begin full, impartial enforcement of the municipal code for all residents, especially Sections 8.08, 8.10, and 8.12, dealing with “offenses against persons, public property, and public peace.”
-Create a smaller, lower security, less expensive jail facility to incarcerate chronic misdemeanor offenders. It would accommodate the projected increase in chronically homeless individuals once Reno Police Department began to fully enforce Reno’s municipal code.

Rationale  -Requiring Reno Police Department to practice soft, social-worker- style, discriminatory law enforcement that favors chronically homeless vagrants and establishes a two-tiered judicial system for the chronically homeless, has resulted in increased violent crime rates. A lower security jail facility for misdemeanor offenders, many of whom would be service-resistant homeless vagrants, would deter additional chronically homeless individuals from coming to Reno, encourage a portion of Reno’s chronically homeless vagrants to utilize existing homeless services, and motivate others to leave town.

Ban unauthorized group feedings of the chronically homeless vagrants on Record Street by community organizations.

-Unauthorized group feedings enable the homeless vagrant lifestyle, discourage independent living, and is unnecessary, due to existing and available food options (see Section II. A
-Dozens of cities have banned unauthorized public feedings. Some cities still allowing them have had outbreaks of various diseases stemming from this practice. According to the Washoe County Department of Environmental Health, allowing unauthorized feedings increases Reno’s liability for lawsuits stemming from illness and/or death related to tainted food.

Close the “pit” at the Record Street “campus” and require Reno Police Department to fully enforce Reno’s municipal code ordinances against loitering, drugs, possessing stolen shopping carts, blocking sidewalks, and publicly storing personal property.

Rationale -City Hall’s practice of declaring Record Street a homeless shelter “campus” is legally incorrect. Record Street is public property. All city laws apply.

-The only individuals loitering on Record Street near the homeless shelter should be those waiting to be seen by intake counselors.
-The “pit” is a magnet for criminal activity due to city leadership preventing Reno Police Department from fully enforcing the law.

Withdraw from participation in the county’s failed “10-Year Plan to End Homelessness.” Let Reno take personal responsibility for its own chronically homeless vagrant issues.

Rationale -The Washoe County “10-Year Plan to End Homelessness” has been a failure. Homeless related issues have worsened dramatically since the plan was implemented years ago.

-The Homeless Plan’s primary vision: “…providing housing for everyone who needs it … for an indefinite period,” is absurd and unattainable. It is neither necessary, nor affordable, nor would it encourage homeless vagrants to take personal responsibility for their lives or to become self-supporting individuals.
-The Homeless Plan is a bureaucratic snafu. It is overly committed to “community coalitions” of multiple service providers. It contains excessive duplication of services and confusing, contradictory approaches. It has no strong, central leadership. Reno’s City Council needs a focused, strongly led one-agency approach to deal with the homeless shelter and basic issues of chronic homeless vagrancy. Other local organizations offering ancillary services to homeless vagrants would be encouraged to work independently.

Prevent homeless vagrancy growth by addressing two predictors of homelessness: poor education and inadequate parenting.

-The city would create ongoing advertising campaigns focusing on these two critical issues.
Nevada public schools rank worst in the United States. The advertised message would promote higher learning standards, schoolwide drug testing, and mandate work experience as a graduation requirement.
Free parenting classes would be encouraged for all parents, and would be required for those with children previously involved in the criminal justice system.

Rationale – Four leading predictors of future homeless vagrancy are:

  • Poor education Early drug and alcohol use Ineffective parenting No work experience

Implementing this component would be a strong, preventive measure against future homeless vagrancy problems, and help protect Reno’s future.

III. Summary

After many years of unsuccessful spending, wasting millions of taxpayer dollars, Reno’s HUD- funded homeless shelter on Record Street has dangerously failed both the community and the homeless vagrants it was established to help. Reno’s wet housing shelter, a mandated model when using HUD funding, has resulted in a program that:

De facto encourages the daily, rampant drug and alcohol abuse that occurs, both inside and outside of the facility
Does not require residents to look for employment
Does not require residents to accept mental health counseling when needed
Does not require residents who have income to pay anything for services received
Does not require residents to clean up after themselves

Reno’s failed shelter has made the homeless vagrant problem immeasurably worse and threatens Reno’s future financial stability by negatively impacting tourism and business industries. The principles and components described in this document for operating the homeless shelter have been proven. They have transformed the lives of numerous chronically homeless vagrants. With operating costs far less than the current program, there is no reason not to try it.




The Washoe County School Board of Trustees has removed the Benchmark Social Justice Curriculum from the agenda again.  That being said, we believe they are gambling that AB261 will pass (see below). Needless to say, we have their attention! The protest, rally, gathering will continue as planned on May 25th starting at about 1:30pm.  Bring signs, 3 minute speeches, enthusiasm and weather appropriate gear (sun, snow, rain….who knows?). This is going to take all of us to keep this curriculum out of our schools. If you cannot attend, please email:

Central Administration Building, Board Room
425 East Ninth Street
Reno, NV

Patriotic Review ACTION EDITION 20 May 21

Patriotic Review ACTION EDITION 20 May 21

Fellow Patriots,
There are three, urgent, actionable items needing your attention:

First, the Washoe County School Board of Trustees has removed the Benchmark Social Justice Curriculum from the agenda again.  That being said, we believe they are gambling that AB261 will pass (see below). Needless to say, we have their attention! The protest, rally, gathering will continue as planned on May 25th starting at about 1:30pm.  Bring signs, 3 minute speeches, enthusiasm and weather appropriate gear (sun, snow, rain….who knows?). This is going to take all of us to keep this curriculum out of our schools. If you cannot attend, please email:

Central Administration Building, Board Room
425 East Ninth Street
Reno, NV

Second is the AB261 bill that we must do our best to stop.  This bill mandates CRT in all of the Nevada schools.  Write ALL of the senators and also write your opinion on the NELIS site.

Record your opinion:
(be sure to scroll down to the “BILL VERSION and select 4/14/21)Here is the bill:

For the emails of all of the Senators see the bottom of this email.

This from Nevada Family Alliance

AB 261 is another bill declaring the Legislature’s “woke” agenda to the whole nation. This bill will  mandate all school districts to adopt curriculum grounded in critical race theory (CRT) and learn about LGBTQ activists throughout our nation’s history. The bill also gives the school districts the prerogative to include “any other group of persons [they deem] appropriate” to teach the students. 
We know that school districts, like Washoe County School District (WCSD), have already shown that they approve of teacher-led indoctrination and activism in the classroom. This bill would force other schools to follow in the footsteps of WCSD and continue on their mission to turn every student in Nevada into an activist fighting for causes they don’t understand.
This bill has been placed on the General File to be heard and voted on at ANY TIME during the  Senate session.
Nevada school board members and legislators need to be reminded of the power of parents. These are OUR schools and OUR children. We will not stand for tax-payer funded indoctrination in OUR state.  

Third is SB452 a bill which will negate CCW permits that Nicole Cannizaro has used a false emergency to deviously get SB452 into the legislature.  It is basically EVERYTHING that was gutted from AB 286 including “no guns in any covered premises” and has now been regurgitated into SB452.  Two weeks left and this is what they pull.  We must opine FAST. If Nevadans did NOT want this in AB286, they most certainly do NOT want the same thing in SB452.  If you would, we are still dealing with AB286, making criminals out of hobbyists (the ghost gun bill). We must speak up in great numbers!

This from the NRA:

Senate Majority Leader Nicole Cannizzaro (D-6) used an emergency measure to revive the gun free zone expansion language that was amended out of Assembly Bill 286 earlier this session as a new bill: Senate Bill 452. With less than two weeks remaining in the 2021 legislative session, expect this bill to move quickly. Start contacting your senator today and urge their opposition to SB 452! Senate Bill 452, sponsored by Nicole Cannizzaro (D-6), prohibits law-abiding citizens from being able to defend themselves at certain gaming-connected businesses, such as hotels and shopping malls, if the owners decide to declare it a gun-free zone. This restriction extends to the property line, meaning the firearm prohibition includes open areas like parking lots, with limited exceptions. The bill contains no requirements for gun-free businesses to provide any security measures to guarantee the safety of disarmed patrons, such as security guards or metal detectors, to prevent armed criminals from ignoring the arbitrary boundaries and entering.

Additionally, Assembly Bill 286, legislation to criminalize home built firearms, is eligible for a final vote on the Senate floor as soon as today! Contact your senator today and urge their opposition to AB 286! Assembly Bill 286, sponsored by Assembly Member Sandra Jauregui (D-41), essentially bans home-built firearms for personal use by imposing requirements that far exceed those in federal law. It prohibits private individuals from possessing certain unregulated components commonly used by hobbyists to make their own firearms. This confiscatory bill also bans possession of existing, legal, firearms without serial numbers, such as home-built firearms, but it does exempt pre-1969 firearms. This exemption covers firearms made before federal law required licensed manufacturers and importers to place serial numbers on their commercially produced or imported firearms.

Record your opinion here:

Here is the bill:

Email  the Senate:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

People, let’s stand up, show up and speak up!
Bruce Parks

Patriotic Review ACTION EDITION 20 May 21

Patriotic Review 10 May 2021

Hello Fellow Patriots,

Good News!  Our legislature is now restricted to contemplating only those bills that have been introduced.  That being said, a great deal of potential damage could be done to Nevada by some of the proposed legislation.  For example, AB286 is still out there.  This bill will make instant criminals out of hobbyist that have made a firearm using kits or by their own design (guns without serial numbers).  This is not about forensics as the science of ballistics has that covered.  There has been no strong argument regarding why Nevada should pass this bill.  Please write the Senate Judiciary Committee in opposition of this bill;  it is infringement of the Second Amendment.  See the Committee with their emails below.  The hearing is Tuesday at 1pm.  Also record your opinion on the website (one more time) at  ; be sure to scroll down to “Bill Version”  4/20/21 to  voice your opinion on this version of the bill.

I would also encourage you to write the legislators about the other bills pending that will devastate Nevada.  Resources for information besides the NELIS website are:  Nevada Family Alliance, Nevada Families for Freedom, Conservative Talk Lunch, and Battle Born Patriots.

Reno is opening their “CARES” campus to address the homelessness explosion in our community on May 17th.  At that time they will be doing “sweeps” along the Truckee River and telling the homeless people that this is no longer allowed.  This is once again a useless attempt to solve a problem that is easily fixable.  The City of Reno spent millions of dollars for this CARES Campus that I predict will be useless in six months. Additionally they are spending $400,000 per year for staffing on this campus.  The City of Reno refuses to accept their failures from the past as well as the failures of other cities that continually throw money down the drain while not enforcing existing laws.  The City of Reno would have you believe this is a new and novel idea while there are numerous examples across the country that clearly demonstrate that this plan does not work.  Why?  For insight into why this will not work you will find an excerpt of Paul White’s latest article (below) from his blog Inconvenient Truths.

Let’s talk about the communist indoctrination that the Washoe County School District wants for our kids.  The Washoe County School Board of Trustees does not understand or refuses to acknowledge that Social Justice, Critical Race Theory, BLM, politicial correctness, equity, Systemic Racism, white privilege and BICOP (black, indigenous, people of color) are all founded in Marxist ideology. Teaching these to our children is down right anti-American.  Nevada has the worst schools in the country academically and instead of addressing those critical problems, the school board would rather focus on indoctrinating our kids to become social justice warriors as opposed to productive members of our community.  The Trustee meeting is now mysteriously open once again to in person public this Tuesday at 2pm ONLY (see information below). It is time we hold our elected representatives accountable for the lack of quality education. Send your public comment to: , even better, attend in person.

Opportunities to get involved this week:
Monday May 10, AB286 write legislators and opine on the 4/20 version of the bill, possibly testify
Tuesday May 11, Washoe County Commissioner’s Meeting 10am
Tuesday May 11, Washoe County School District Board of Trustees.  Meeting 2pm (arrive early!!) SHARP!   Tuesday May 11 and May 25. Social Justice Curriculum Rally at 1:30 in from of the administration building on 425 Ninth Street (more details below with down-loadable flyer)
Wednesday May 12, Conservative Talk Lunch. 10:30 for food, 11:30 for the meeting (details below)
Wednesday May 12, Constitution Class by Zoom (details below)

Best regards,
Bruce Parks  Nevada Patriot: Conservative Politics


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