Patriotic Review 10 May 2021

Hello Fellow Patriots,

Good News!  Our legislature is now restricted to contemplating only those bills that have been introduced.  That being said, a great deal of potential damage could be done to Nevada by some of the proposed legislation.  For example, AB286 is still out there.  This bill will make instant criminals out of hobbyist that have made a firearm using kits or by their own design (guns without serial numbers).  This is not about forensics as the science of ballistics has that covered.  There has been no strong argument regarding why Nevada should pass this bill.  Please write the Senate Judiciary Committee in opposition of this bill;  it is infringement of the Second Amendment.  See the Committee with their emails below.  The hearing is Tuesday at 1pm.  Also record your opinion on the website (one more time) at  ; be sure to scroll down to “Bill Version”  4/20/21 to  voice your opinion on this version of the bill.

I would also encourage you to write the legislators about the other bills pending that will devastate Nevada.  Resources for information besides the NELIS website are:  Nevada Family Alliance, Nevada Families for Freedom, Conservative Talk Lunch, and Battle Born Patriots.

Reno is opening their “CARES” campus to address the homelessness explosion in our community on May 17th.  At that time they will be doing “sweeps” along the Truckee River and telling the homeless people that this is no longer allowed.  This is once again a useless attempt to solve a problem that is easily fixable.  The City of Reno spent millions of dollars for this CARES Campus that I predict will be useless in six months. Additionally they are spending $400,000 per year for staffing on this campus.  The City of Reno refuses to accept their failures from the past as well as the failures of other cities that continually throw money down the drain while not enforcing existing laws.  The City of Reno would have you believe this is a new and novel idea while there are numerous examples across the country that clearly demonstrate that this plan does not work.  Why?  For insight into why this will not work you will find an excerpt of Paul White’s latest article (below) from his blog Inconvenient Truths.

Let’s talk about the communist indoctrination that the Washoe County School District wants for our kids.  The Washoe County School Board of Trustees does not understand or refuses to acknowledge that Social Justice, Critical Race Theory, BLM, politicial correctness, equity, Systemic Racism, white privilege and BICOP (black, indigenous, people of color) are all founded in Marxist ideology. Teaching these to our children is down right anti-American.  Nevada has the worst schools in the country academically and instead of addressing those critical problems, the school board would rather focus on indoctrinating our kids to become social justice warriors as opposed to productive members of our community.  The Trustee meeting is now mysteriously open once again to in person public this Tuesday at 2pm ONLY (see information below). It is time we hold our elected representatives accountable for the lack of quality education. Send your public comment to: , even better, attend in person.

Opportunities to get involved this week:
Monday May 10, AB286 write legislators and opine on the 4/20 version of the bill, possibly testify
Tuesday May 11, Washoe County Commissioner’s Meeting 10am
Tuesday May 11, Washoe County School District Board of Trustees.  Meeting 2pm (arrive early!!) SHARP!   Tuesday May 11 and May 25. Social Justice Curriculum Rally at 1:30 in from of the administration building on 425 Ninth Street (more details below with down-loadable flyer)
Wednesday May 12, Conservative Talk Lunch. 10:30 for food, 11:30 for the meeting (details below)
Wednesday May 12, Constitution Class by Zoom (details below)

Best regards,
Bruce Parks  Nevada Patriot: Conservative Politics


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