Patriotic Review 7 June 2021

Hello Fellow Patriots,

I’d like to start off with the Washoe County School bard Meeting coming up tomorrow at 2pm. The Board has yet to respond to requests for proper accommodation for the people who will be in attendance. They refuse to meet in a location that will allow all of the members of the public to be inside out of the hot sun. Therefore, I suggest you bring a chair, umbrella for shade, food, snacks, drinks……and let’s not forget our MASKS!!! They are mandating masks to be inside!!! It is my belief that the Board President continues to mistreat the public because she is under the mistaken impression that we will go away. She knows not who she deals with. We are Americans. We are Patriots. We will not be pushed around by a bully.

The WCSD Superintendent wants to create a “task force” comprised of her choosing to override public opinion on the Benchmark Social Justice curriculum. See the article here: I have some questions: What were the results of the public survey taken regarding this curriculum? Did the public survey not support the WCSD narrative of indoctrinating children? WE WANT THE RESULTS OF THE PUBLIC SURVEY made PUBLIC. (Rumor is that over 90% of the people who took the survey were against the curriculum.)

Email ALL of the Trustees and the Superintendent. Call. Attend the meeting Tuesday, June 8th, 2pm at 425 East 9th Street or give Public Opinion at (Note: if you send in a public opinion email you cannot testify at the meeting.)
Superintendent Kristen McNeill
District A: Trustee Jeffrey Church
District B: Trustee Ellen Minetto
District C: Trustee Andrew Caudill
District D: Trustee Kurt Thigpen
District E: Trustee Angela Taylor
At-Large District F: Trustee Jacqueline Calvert
At-Large District G: Trustee Diane Nicolet

We intercepted a message that supporters of this curriculum intend to show up wearing the color green as a counter protest. We are therefore encouraging everybody to show up wearing green, only make sure you have a sign with you expressing how you feel about this curriculum so that any media will not be able to twist the narrative that “everybody wearing green” supports this curriculum (see the flyer of the opposition below, it is GREEN).

Upcoming Events:
Tuesday June 8th 10am. Washoe County Commissioners Meeting
Wednesday June 9th. Conservative Talk Lunch
Saturday June 19. Patriot Street Fighter. 11:30 – 3:30

Best Regards,
Bruce Parks
Gab= Nevada Patriot: Conservative Politics

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