Patriotic Review 22 June 2021

Hello Fellow Patriots,

Once again the WCSD Board Chair has underestimated we patriots. She has moved General Public Comment from the beginning of the meeting to the end of the meeting. I suspect the reason for this action is not simply because General Public Comment lasted over 5 hours on June 8th, but also because she does not care what the citizens of Washoe County think. Please see John Eppolito’s letter protesting the WCSD for more information.

I am saddened that the law suit to be brought against WCSD by Joey Gilbert will not be moving forward. For more information read Paul White’s update letter . Also for further reading is Joey Gilbert’s Op Ed letter in the Reno Gazette-Journal regarding taking back the schools.

I hope you all understand that there is a push across the county to indoctrinate our children in the public schools. This is not unique to Washoe County or Nevada. This is happening all over the country. There are some states banning the teaching of Critical Race Theory, (founded in Marxist ideology) in their schools. If we are going to ensure that our children are not brainwashed into this divisive, racist and hateful instruction, it will be up to us to secure their futures.

Perhaps we can take our schools back from within. There are multiple opportunities available. WCSBoard Districts C and D applications are due June 25, and July 9th, respectively. The WCSBoard has openings for the public on various Committees. What if we could get conservatives to fill these positions? Some positions are for students, some WCSD retirees, some juvenile or Law Enforcement, some for community members, some for parents. Some committees meet monthly, others 3 or 4 times a year. The link for the openings will be posted below.

The Washoe County Board of Commissioners is meeting Tuesday. Suggested topics on which to speak are: 1. End the “Public Health Emergency” 2. Ban vaccine passports/verifications. 3. Give a full accounting of how federal COVID monies were received and spent. Remember, these people work for us.

A new “in person” Constitution Class is forming. It will be taught by Dick Westrup beginning in July at Sheels in the meeting rooms (which are upstairs by the guns). More information will be available as soon as more details are worked out.

Karen England has some very wise words of advise; we are in a marathon of a war people, not a sprint. Pace yourselves.

Tuesday 22 June 2021: 10AM WCCommissioner Meeting
Tuesday 22 June 2021: 2PM WCSBoard Trustee Meeting
Wednesday 23 June 2021: 11:30PM Conservative Talk Lunch
Wednesday 23 June 2021: 4PM Constitution Class by Zoom
Friday 25 June 2021: 5PM Application for WCSBoard of Trustees District C due
Friday 9 July 2021: 5PM. Application for WCSBoard of Trustees District D due

Best regards,

Bruce Parks @Nevada Patriot: Conservative Politics

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