Patriotic Review 4 July 2021

My Fellow Patriots,

As we celebrate our country’s independence I reflect that only one third of the population of the colonies supported the effort to free this country from tyranny. Only eight percent of the population actively took part in the war for independence. In light of recent events across the country and here in Washoe County, I can certainly understand why one could become disheartened and discouraged. I would like to remind us all that this is not a Sunday drive, this is a cross country trip. There will be many setbacks along the way, yet, as in any war, you may lose battles on the way to winning the war. Stay the course my fellow Patriots. We will prevail. The powers that would destroy this country do not comprehend the will of true Americans. We will never surrender to the Socialist left.

If you are looking for opportunities for involvement there are plenty of venues around. Please scroll down to see where you might find a fit. I would also suggest we encourage family and friends to become involved. As Edmund Burke said, “All that is required for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing”.

Of interest this week is the Gaming Control Board Commission (GCBC). They will be meeting to discuss what amounts to vaccination passports for anyone involved in the gaming industry. This will include every person who works at a casino at any capacity. As we all know, the “Fauci Ouchy” is an experimental inoculation. Requiring, mandating, coercing, enticing or any other form of encouragement to participate in this experiment is against all principles upon which this country was founded. Since March of 2020 we have seen our liberties come under direct attack by those people having sworn an oath to defend our liberties. Stand with other Patriots in Carson City this Wednesday to protest this action by the GCBC. For those who wish to carpool or caravan, we will meet at the Apple parking lot at the Summit Sierra Mall by 7:30am, departing by 7:45 am. Know that there is a simultaneous protest occurring in Las Vegas.

Tuesday 6 July: 9AM Washoe County School Board Special Meeting
Fri, Sat, Sun 9-10-11 8AM- 3PM Hidden Treasures Rummage Sale hosted by the Mount Rose Republican Women (MRRW)
Wednesday 7 July: 9AM Carson City Nevada Gaming Control Board Meeting
Wednesday 7 July: 4PM Zoom Constitution Study Group
Friday 9 July: 6PM First Friday at Famous Dave’s

Tuesday 13 July: CANCELED Washoe County Commissioners Meeting
Tuesday 13 July: 9AM Washoe County School Board Special Meeting (reviewing Trustee applicants)
Wednesday 14 July: 11:30AM Conservative Talk Lunch
Wednesday 14 July: 5PM Republican Women of Reno (RWR) presents a workshop on “How to Pull Your Child Out of the Public School System”. Keynote speaker is Attorney Joey Gilbert. RSVP

Best regards,

Bruce Parks @Nevada Patriot: Conservative Politics

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