Patriotic Review 26 July 2021

My Fellow Patriots,

The communist plan to take over America begins with taking over our schools. Nikita Khrushchev said, “We do not have to go to war with America, we will defeat you from within”. We are seeing that plan being implemented right before our eyes. You may call it liberalism, progressiveness, or even socialism. It all boils down to the same thing; communism. Our public schools are not longer institutes of education but indoctrination. They plan is to make our children accept the tenants of communism disguised with such flowery words as inclusivity, equity, diversity, social justice, yet the programs and curriculum that support these ideas do not allow for the children to decide for themselves how to think. They are being told what to think. This cannot stand if we want to live in a country that is a beacon of liberty for the rest of the world. Future generations of our children will have to either take up arms to defend their liberty or decide to accept an America that would have been repulsive to the founding fathers. I encourage you all to join in the struggle to keep this garbage out of our schools. If you, or anyone you know, is interested in removing a child from Washoe County School District, the instructions for the process have been compiles below by the Republican Women of Reno.

Kristen McNeill, WCSD Superintendent, has decided to require masks of students at the fourth grade and above. The School Board will be voting on her mask mandate decision Tuesday, July 27th. You may email your comments to the board for their review at

As the School Board Chair refuses to reasonably accommodate the consistently, ever increasing numbers of people in attendance of the regular School Board Meetings, I’m including a link with the document one may file complaining about those unreasonable accommodations.

WCSD Superintendent’s Task Force for Supplementary Materials (Benchmark’s Social Justice Curriculum; the curriculum embedded with Critical Race Theory) has just announced it is taking applications. Here is the announcement: Now is the time to stand up and be heard for the future of the children. To be part of the Task Force, individuals need to apply by the submission deadline of August 27, 2021, at 5:00 p.m. The Task Force will include 18 representatives as follows: five (5) individuals representing parents/guardians for elementary school children in each of the five Trustee regular districts, four (4) teachers, one (1) school site administrator, two (2) District administrative directors, two (2) students, and four (4) community members. Application:

Tuesday 27 July: 10AM Washoe County Commissioner Meeting
Tuesday 27 July: 2PM Washoe County School Board Regular Meeting
Wednesday 28, July: 11:30AM Conservative Talk Lunch
Wednesday 28 July: 4PM Zoom Constitution Study Group; 3:30PM In-Person
Friday 6 August: 6PM First Friday at Famous Dave’s
Friday 10 August: 2PM Washoe County School Board Regular Meeting

Best regards,

Bruce Parks @Nevada Patriot: Conservative Politics

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