My Fellow Patriots,

This is the Commissioner meeting in which to speak out. On the agenda (*see below) of this Special Meeting is whether to enforce, or not, the mask mandate passed down from the occupier of the Governor’s Mansion. Businesses need us; the Washoe County Commissioners need to hear from us. The WCCommisioner Chair has not allowed this item to be placed on the agenda for months, even at the request of one of the Commissioners. We are at a crossroads. We either show up in numbers or get in line to eventually be masked and vaxed. This is the road in which we are now travelling. As you well know, I do not put out Special Editions of the Patriotic Review without cause. I know that you likely are inundated with “calls to action” on a frequent basis with respect to what is happening in our community and our country. I do not send this lightly. We need to let our representatives that this cannot stand.

Signs and speaking to the Commissioners are welcome. Angry diatribes have not, are not, and will not have any effectiveness. Calm, logical, peaceful, intelligent communication is the goal. Please keep in mind, they are our representatives. They work for us. They are not our enemies. If you cannot attend, please email the Commissioners (see below).

*”5. Discussion and decision on Washoe County’s position regarding the Governor’s COVID-19 Emergency Declaration Directive 047 of July 27, 2021, requiring facemasks be worn indoors in the State of Nevada. Possible actions include but are not limited to taking a position by the county on its intent to enforce or not enforce the mask mandate against businesses and the general public. Manager’s Office. (All Commission Districts.) FOR POSSIBLE ACTION”

The issue is not about health, it is about freedom and the right to choose for ourselves.

Stand up, speak up, or submit. You decide. I’ll be there and I hope to see you there as well.

Bruce Parks

Gab.com @Nevada Patriot: Conservative Politics

Washoe County Board of County Commissioners
10:00 AM Thursday 5, August, 2021
1001 E. Ninth Street
Reno, NV

Bob Lucey 775 328 2012 blucey@washoecounty.us
Vaughn Hartung 775 328 2007 vhartung@washoecounty.us
Kitty Jung 775 328 2007 cell 775 560 7150 kjung@washoecounty.us
Alexis Hill 775 328 2011 cell 775 447 3017 ahill@washoecounty.us
Jeanne Herman 775 501 0002 jherman@washoecounty.us

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