Patriotic Review 16 August 21

My Fellow Patriots,

At the last school board meeting there was much talk about everything other than the school board’s mandate to graduate students with a diploma which actually has meaning. However, there was one brave student who did what patriots need to do. He showed up, he stood up and he spoke up. This issue is far from over, and I cannot strongly encourage you enough to home school, or at a minimum, send your children to a charter school. By all means necessary get them out of the WCSD. If you need proof of the necessity of what I am saying, then look below:

A Washoe County School District student tells the Board of Trustees that his U.S. History teacher at McQueen High School will not be teaching about the Civil War, Constitution, or the Revolutionary War. She will be teaching about Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ instead. This is a two minute clip from the WCSD Board of Trustees Meeting on 10 August 21

Here is an excerpt of recommendations from Cindy Martinez who has been leading the RWR Brigade fight for our rights at the Washoe County Commissioner Meetings.

“…it became glaringly apparent: the Commission has no intention of addressing the matter of the continued assault on our personal liberties. This cannot stand. We have given public comment to the Commission for months; for some, it’s been almost a year. Nothing we have offered in support of ending the “Public Health Emergency” has been received with anything close to care & consideration of the citizenry’s ongoing concerns. The Commission has taken the cowardly position of placating the citizenry, listening to public comment because…well, they have to.”

Cindy recommends we focus on the Commission’s duty to “uphold & defend the Constitution” and its repeated failure to do so. The Commission must protect your right to choose, the right of “my body, my choice”, as well as protect the citizenry from segregation based on the inaccurate science of masking, testing, tracing and involuntary medical interventions, experimental or otherwise. The Commission MUST be committed to the constitutional principle of equality for all. Discrimination in ANY form MUST be rejected and when encountered, and IMMEDIATELY CORRECTED. Furthermore, any means of medical segregation creates an imbalance of equality amongst the citizenry, which must be remedied constitutionally. Finally, we should address any means or method of verification of the “Covid 19 Vaccination”, whether titled a “Passport”, “Health Pass” or any other euphemism is nothing more than a 21st century rendition of “Show us your papers!”

Cindy reminds us that the “vaccines” are the basis of the largest pharmaceutical clinical trial in human history. They were originally to run through 2023 to be evaluated for approval. Pfizer purposely fouled its control group in the clinical trial they conducted when the EUA was granted. Yet the FDA reportedly is rushing towards approval as various entities (educational, private & governmental) begin “vaccine mandates” for their employees & students. The injections administered by the FDA’s EUA are in fact, experimental medical procedures that cannot be forced on a FREE person. There have been no long term testing for safety & efficacy. VAERs (CDC) reporting indicates thousands of deaths are attributed to the jab. Medical mandates have no place in a free society.”

Tuesday 17 August: 10AM Washoe County Commissioner Meeting
Wednesday 18 August: Constitution Study Group, 4PM Zoom 3:30PM In-Person
Sunday 22 August: No Masks! No Mas! Gathering at 1PM Downtown Reno; Believe sign
Tuesday 24 August: 2PM Washoe County School Board Regular Meeting
Tuesday 24 August: 10AM Washoe County Commissioner Meeting
Wednesday 25 August: 11:30AM Conservative Talk Lunch
Wednesday 25 August: 4PM Zoom Constitution Study Group; 3:30PM In-Person
Friday 27 August: 5PM Deadline for Superintendent’s Supplemental (Benchmark’s CRT) Task force

Best regards,

Bruce Parks @Nevada Patriot: Conservative Politics


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