ACTION: WCSD Serving Filet of Jeff Church 25 Oct 21

ACTION: WCSD Serving Filet of Jeff Church 25 Oct 21

My Fellow Patriots,

The time has come. Washoe County School District is attempting to crucify one of our own on Monday: the Attempted Censure of Jeff Church. This action is a direct result of Jeff Church disagreeing with the Board. The policies that they are alleging he violated are so vague and ambiguous, that simply speaking at one of the Board meeting could be construed as a violation of one of the polices. They have stalled, they have delayed, they have postponed, and the time has now arrived. The time and place: Monday, October 25, 2021 4pm at 925 E 9th Street, Reno. If you cannot attend, please email. You do not have to be a Washoe County resident to email or speak. Dress very warm as it is anticipated that there will NOT be enough seats or civil accommodations for the numbers of people attending. RVs are being lined up by others in order to keep us all warm. Jeff Church has been taking it for the team for a while. Let’s support him in every way we can. Now is the time to stand up and stand together. The taking back of our Washoe County Schools had begun.

Together in the fight for freedom,

Bruce Parks

District A: Trustee Jeffrey Church
District B: Trustee Ellen Minetto
District C: Trustee Joe Rodriguez
District D: Trustee Elizabeth Smith
District E: Trustee Angela Taylor
At-Large District F: Trustee Jacqueline Calvert
At-Large District G: Trustee Diane Nicolet

Comments may also be emailed to the board at

This is for those who go to the meeting when there is no room to shelter people from the cold.

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All counties surrounding Washoe and Washoe residents: Now is your chance to meet all of the candidates at one single, spectacular event. Fun for families, fun for kids, all for Nevada! This Sunday, October 17th. Meeting this many Conservative candidates for Nevada all at one place, this is a first!

Patriotic Review The Wind of Change 11 October 21

Patriotic Review The Wind of Change 11 October 21

My Fellow Patriots,

I can feel the change in the air and I’m not talking about the weather. We are having our first in-person Nevada Patriot meeting at the Spanish Springs Library at 6:30pm this Thursday on October 14th. At 6pm the library closes and the staff is typically gone by 6:15pm. While masks are technically required inside the library, please note that we do not consider ourselves the self ordained mask police and that people should make their own choices. The guest speakers include Monica Jaye, candidate for Nevada State Senate and 99.1 FM talk show host, along with Ciara of Battle Born Moms for Education which is a new organization doing battle with the WCSBoard.

Of notable importance is the is the Washoe County School District Board of Trustees meeting this Tuesday and they will be discussing the Infinite Campus. Here is what John Eppolito, who strongly opposed the use of this program, has to say about it.

Infinite Campus
Nevada has created what experts call; the most massive data base ever created on students in human history – that data lives FOREVER with a paid third party vendor called INFINITE CAMPUS (IC). Data stored includes: counseling, psychiatric, medical, discipline, and minor discipline. Parents do not have access easy access to most of the data stored in Infinite Campus but numerous other parties do. A subset of IC data, including the most incriminating data, is shared with the Nevada Department of Education for their SAIN system, SAIN data is also stored forever.
In addition, people like The Washoe County School District counselor that recently got arrested on child pornography charges had access to the Counseling Tab, this is one of the private tabs in Infinite Campus that parents can’t access.
To learn more about Infinite Campus go to, or if you are on Facebook you can go to Protect Nevada Children.

Also on Tuesday is the Washoe County Commissioners meeting where Chair Bob Lucey is attempting to give himself even more power. Here is what the Commission Watchdog, Cindy Martinez, has to say about this:

We are asking that you make every possible effort to attend the 10/12/21 BCC meeting at 10 am.
The continuing topic of concern will always be:
1. Declare an end to the “Public Health Emergency”
2. Prohibit mandatory Covid-19 vaccines.
3. Ban Covid-19 vaccine passports/verification
4. Ban mask mandates
5. Promote good health & therapeutic treatments for Covid-19
6. Acknowledge Covid 19 is now endemic, NOT a pandemic.

There are a number of items on the agenda this week. Please review the agenda via the attached link for information. AGENDA:

Of great interest and import this meeting, is a “Resolution to Delegate Decisions Regarding Litigation to the County Chair and Washoe County Manager.” Currently, Chair Bob Lucey is the subject of a number of lawsuits, most notably one by Reno Christian Fellowship, regarding the sale of their land for development. Chair Lucey was one of the “no” votes, reportedly for arbitrary reasons. The church felt sufficiently aggrieved that it sued.
This delegation of authority to resolve litigation would be delegated to … Chair Lucey (or any future chair) and the County Manager, today, Eric Brown. Do you see any conflict of interest in the Chair making decisions on litigation in which he or the County Manager is either involved or directly the subject thereof? He has some ‘splainin’ to do, Lucy (pun intended).
Coincidentally, the statute under which this delegation of authority would fall was amended in the 2019 Legislature. Convenient, isn’t it? Please read the staff report and Resolution. We believe you will find the scope and intent to be ample opportunity to hide the wrong doing of employees or officers of the county. Where are the checks and balances? Where is the accountability?? ITEM 12, see PDFs of STAFF REPORT and Resolution for Delegation of Authority .

Change is hanging in the air and I encourage you join in and take part.

Hope to see you at the Nevada Patriot meeting,

Bruce Parks @Nevada Patriot: Conservative Politics


Tuesday 12 October 10AM Washoe County Commissioner meeting
Tuesday 12 October 2PM Washoe County School Board Meeting
Wednesday 13 October Conservative Talk Lunch, keep up on current local events 11:30am
Sunday 17 October Reclaim Nevada Rally, Meet the Candidates, fun activities for children, a whole family festival of fun 11am – 4pm
Thursday 21 October Scott Pressler sit down dinner (if you haven’t heard of him, do look him up)
Monday 25 October 4PM Special School Board Meeting re: Jeff Church
Wednesday 27 October Conservative Talk Lunch 11:30am

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