The Patriotic Review: Turning Up The Heat 4 November 2021

My Fellow Patriots,

I am very excited about the election results from Virginia. The Commonwealth now has a Republican Governor, Lt. Governor and Attorney General. This is what happens when patriots stand up and do the work to ensure the election is fair and honest. It is my sincere hope that we will see a similar outcome for the state of Nevada. It will require the same perseverance and hard work from we patriots to achieve a fair election. We need both poll workers and poll watchers sign up here:

I would like to point out that there is nothing in Nevada law that precludes Washoe County from requiring ID to vote. Additionally, all mail-in ballots are not required by law. We have to put pressure on the county Commissioners to change the way Washoe County votes. The Washoe County Voter Registrar falls under the county manager, Eric Brown, who in turn is appointed by the County Commissioners; they can make this happen. Let’s turn up the heat. Let’s show up in numbers at the County Commissioner meetings and demand they take action. I would also like to get a snail mail campaign going that everyone can participate in as we are pretty sure they are not paying any attention to our emails (if they ever did). More information to follow on the snail mail campaign.

Great news! Monica Jaye is now streaming live. While streaming from your computer or phone is a fairly new platform for many of us, hey, this is our Monica so I’m going to buck up and give this a try. You can listen to The Monica Jaye Show weekdays from 10am to 12pm right here: and check out her website at

Of interest is the article by Valerie White summarizing the Jackie Calvert incident and also an article regarding the Reno Police Department being mandated to become vaxed by the Police Chief and Reno City Manager. The articles are below.

Last, but certainly not least, the Washoe County Commissioners are meeting with Carson City to determine who will fill the District 16 Senate seat. The agenda isn’t out yet; it is due out Friday. Who has put their hat in the ring? We won’t know until Friday. Yet, if you have a preference, you are going to have to speak up and let those Commissioners know. The meeting is 1PM here in Reno at the WC Commissioners Chambers (see address below). I do know that Melissa Clement is extremely qualified and in my opinion the best choice for this position. Included below is the Carson City Board of Supervisors. Write them all! The Washoe County School Board is having it’s own special meeting Tuesday November 9th from 8am to 11am to decide who will fill Jackie Calvert’s position until the election in 2022. Once again, email them or attend the meeting to have your voice heard.

I would like to challenge us all to do one thing, embrace any one item to further the taking back of this county and this state. Take on writing one email, attended just one meeting. One single step forward.

Best regards,

Bruce Parks @Nevada Patriot: Conservative Politics


Tuesday November 9th Special WCSBoard meeting to decide who will fill Jackie Calvert’s shoes.
Tuesdays Constitution Class In-Person 12pm – 2pm at Scheels
Wednesday 10 November Conservative Talk Lunch 11:30am
Wednesday 10 November Special Meeting Washoe County Board of Commissioners with Carson City to determine District 16 seat 1pm
Wednesdays Constitution Class by Zoom
Thursday 9 December Nevada Patriot Meeting 6:30pm

A Contribution by Valerie White

Additional information regarding the recent resignation of WCSD Board Trustee Jacqueline Calvert has come to light. Calvert resigned from the WCSD Board of Trustees after it became public that she no longer lived in the district she represented.

Calvert submitted her change of address to WCSD in March, 2019. Calvert claims she was unaware that her new residence was outside of District F, the district she was elected to represent. Trustees are paid $750 per month and receive district-paid full medical insurance coverage while serving as a board trustee. WCSD continued to wrongfully pay Calvert’s monthly stipend and medical insurance fees until her resignation which amounted to more than $57,000.

To date, WCSD has taken no actions to recoup public funds wrongfully paid to Calvert from March, 2019 to October, 2021. Public agencies have a duty and responsibility to recover over payments made to individuals receiving public funds. Calvert also voted on several WCSD board of trustee motions from March, 2019 to Oct., 2021 when she was not legally authorized to vote. WCSD has given no indication that they will rescind her votes on those motions.

Many questions remain regarding Calvert’s change of address notification to the school district. WCSD recently engaged a local law firm to complete an investigation, but it did not include which individuals or departments besides Human Resource knew about Calvert’s relocation prior to it being made public.

—Did HR report Calvert’s relocation to trustees or legal counsel? Who else knew of her relocation?
—Which WCSD individual is responsible for monitoring issues such as this one? Why didn’t any WCSD employee investigate the consequence of Calvert’s relocation?
—Is legal counsel taking action right now to recover over payments to Calvert and to rescind all of her board of trustee votes?

Special Contribution to The Nevada Patriot

“30-40 Cops are Quitting; Our Morale is the Worst It’s Ever Been”
Inside Source: “Vax Mandates by Police Chief and City Manager
Are Destroying RPD and Endangering the Community”

Inside RPD sources reported the following to The Nevada Patriot –
A special vax-mandate meeting was held last week with RPD Police Chief Jason Soto and his top levels of officers. The meeting was motivated by the decision of 30-40 RPD officers to quit or be fired, rather than submit to forced vaccinations AND soon-to-be-required booster shots. This directive is coming from the Reno City Manager Doug Thornley, and is something that Soto does not personally agree with, but he is unwilling to challenge the City Manager.

• After the meeting, Soto’s upper level staff were directed to go back to the groups of individual officers in RPD headquarters where they tried using insincere encouragement to get the resistant cops to get their vaccinations.
• A few minutes later, Thornley sent dozens of pizzas to the officers to thank them for their hard work.
• And 1-Hour after THAT came a directive from Thornley to all cops saying they’d either have to comply with the vax – AND a booster…or face immediate termination.

When questioned about how RPD was going to deal with 30-40 cops quitting, when RPD is ALREADY understaffed, Thornley said that would be no problem. They would just make all the Detectives work as beat-cops, and the Detective Department would effectively stop functioning to any appreciable degree.

Also reported to The Nevada Patriot was the extent to which downtown crime has increased, because the officers are not allowed to be pro-active in enforcing the law, but must wait to be called after crimes have been committed.

A number of the soon-to-be-quitting-or-fired RPD officers are applying for jobs with the Washoe County Sheriff’s Department.
Others are planning to move or pursue new careers.


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