Ballots & Polls & Picks….OH MY! 5 June 2022

Hello fellow Patriots,

The month of voting has begun. I pose the question, what other country takes an entire “month” to vote? Yet here we are. As we once again head to the polls with hope this time our votes will count and our voices will be heard, I would like to make the following recommendations:

1. Take your paper ballot to the Registrar of Voters Office on Election Day yourself. Do not depend on the Post Office to actually deliver your ballot. Depend on yourself or a trusted person to ensure it arrives.
2. Use the mail-in paper ballot. If you arrive to the polls without your mail-in ballot IN HAND, you will not be given another paper ballot.You will have to vote on the machines loaded with the ever-famous Dominion software.The Registrar of Voters Office is refusing to give you another paper ballot.Yes, it is against the NRS Code.No, we have no alternative around it.
3. If you choose to vote by machine, under no circumstances should you surrender your mail in ballot if you vote on a machine. Keep it in YOUR possession if you do not use it. This way it cannot be used ever at all by anyone that is not you.
4. Deliver your vote in person by machine or paper, on Election Day. It is more difficult for the algorithm to be “set” to appropriately cheat at the last minute when they do not how many will be voting or for whom.

If you are unsure who you want to vote for, here are the recommendations of Nevada Patriot (see below).

Last, if you have had and are having ballot or polling issues, the Washoe GOP website has compiled a list of documents and emails regarding what to do

Reno Mayor
George “Eddie” Lorton
Reno City Council Ward 2
Jay Kenny
Reno City Council Ward 4
Dennis Owen
Reno City Attorney
Karl S. Hall
Reno/Verdi JOP Dept 2
Bruce Hahn
Reno/Verdi JOP Dept 5
David Clifton
Sparks Mayor
Ed Lawson
Sparks City Council Ward 2
John Eastwick
Sparks City Council Ward 4
Damon Harrell
Sparks JOP Dept 2
Kevin G. Higgins
Sparks JOP Dept 4
Matt Lee
Incline Village GID
Yolanda Knaak
Palomino Valley GID
Greg Dennis
Sun Vallley GID
Charles “Mark” Neumann
Verdi TV District
Hud Horton
School Board Trustee District B
Cathy Kennedy-Reyes — District B
Colleen Westlake — District B
School Board Trustee District C
Melanie Sutton — District C
School Board Trustee District D
Edgard Hitti — District D
School Board Trustee District F, At Large
Graeme Reid — District F
University of Nevada Regent District 11
John Gwaltney
Darin Balaam
Country Treasurer
Justin Taylor
Public Administrator
Nicole Klitzke
District Attorney
Christopher Hicks
County Clerk
Kenji Otto
County Assessor
Chris Sarman
County Commission District 2
Mike Clark
County Commission District 3
Denise Myer
County Commission District 5
Jeanne Herman
Assembly District 24
Dorzell King
Assembly District 25
Greg Batchelder
Assembly District 26
Jay Dixon
Assembly District 27
Carmen Ortiz
Assembly District 30
Ricci Jane Rodriguez-Elkins
Assembly District 31
Jill Dickman
Assembly District 32
Alexis Hansen
Assembly District 40
Gary Schmidt
Senate District 13
Matt Buheler
Senate District 14
Ira Hansen
Senate District 16
Monica Jaye Stabbert
Attorney General
Sigal Chattah
State Controller
Andy Matthews
State Treasurer
Michele Fiore
Secretary of State
Jim Marchant
Lieutenant Governor
Tony Grady
Joey Gilbert
US Congressional District 2 Representative
Joel Beck
US Senate
Sam Brown

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