Patriotic Review 5 Feb 23 The 82nd Legislature and More

My fellow Patriots,

The legislative session starts this Monday and I am very anxious about the bills that our democrat controlled legislature will introduce. I expect to see more money being wasted on education, an expansion of the voting regulations, an increase in taxes, attacks on the 2nd Amendment, and a focus on social justice issues. What I would like to see, but have no hope for, is a repeal of AB 321 which allows for ballot harvesting among other things. I would also hope for Constitutional Carry for Nevada but I don’t expect to see that. The point here is that we must all be involved if we want to see change. It is not at all difficult to email your representatives when there is a bad bill being brought forward. You may also attend hearings via Zoom or even call in and voice your concerns. Janine Hanson with Eagle Forum is conducting Citizen Lobbyist training for persons that want to take a more active role in what comes from our lawmakers (see opportunities below and read more here). I strongly encourage all of you that desire to influence the outcome of this legislative session to get involved at some level. After all, our legislators are supposed to represent us. But they cannot do that if they do not know what is important to us. By communicating our concerns, we expose those elected officials that listen to the people and those that ignore the people and push their own agenda. Stay tuned for ways to participate in the State of Nevada 82nd Legislative Session.

Paul White is still pursuing the improvement of the Washoe County School District (WCSD) with his activities in the Education Crusade. Some of the information he has dug up is unbelievable and shows clearly that the WCSD does not have the fundamentals of education as a priority (see contact information below and read more at Another organization having multiple goals and headed up by Nichelle Hull, is Wake Up Washoe County . Their focus is not only education, it includes other issues that affect our community. One such issue is Drag Queen Story Hour in our taxpayer funded libraries. The next Library Board of Trustees meeting will be held February 15h at the Sierra View Library at 4pm. This is still an ongoing struggle to remove this program from being presented since there is ample evidence that shows how this program is harmful to children. There is only one single email address, for ALL of the Trustees to receive your comments, a very odd sitution to say the least. Finally, “Save The Date” for February 28th. There will more more information coming regarding this date.

I want you all to know how much I appreciate what every individual stepping up to make our community a better place to live and raise a family means to me. I am proud call you all Patriots!

Bruce Parks @Nevada Patriot: Conservative Politics

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