Patriotic Review 16 Feb 2023 Reading Bills for Our Legislature and the Education Crusade

My fellow Patriots,

The State of Nevada 82nd Legislative Session has begun. What Republican Legislators need from us is assisstance reading and synopsing the bills, emailing, calling and opining on bills, and thanking them when they hold fast to Conservative principles. Here is a link, volunteer where you are able

You may want to look at the updated information Paul White has gathered for the Education Crusade (below) or attend a nice dinner at no cost to you while enjoying the company of fellow Conservatives at the Freedom Friday Event on February 24th

Save the date for the February 28th Washoe County Board of Commissioners Meeting.

-Get your Library Card. Have it ready to show to the Commissioners.
-Carry a small US Flag.
-When giving your public comment, REQUEST THIS BE READ INTO THE MINUTES OF THE MEETING verbatim.
-Introduce yourself as a tax payer living in Washoe County and that _**_ is the Commissioner that is your representative. Hold up your Washoe       County Library card and flag demonstrating that you ARE a Washoe County taxpayer and have a vested interest in the Library Programing.
-Give your public comment. (We are requesting that Drag Queen Story Time/Hour NOT be held at our taxpayer funded libraries and we are requesting it be placed on a future agenda.)

**To find your Commissioner click here.

Bruce Parks @Nevada Patriot: Conservative Politics

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