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Hello Patriots,

The Legislature officially ends tomorrow, however, there is still much to be done. We need to encourage our Republican Senators to uphold the Governor’s vetoes and we need to encourage the Governor to veto the bad bills that will be flooding his desk.

The following link lists the bills that we know of right now that Republican Senators must uphold the Governor’s veto.

These are the bills thus far that we need to encourage the Governor to veto:

AB242 – Requires electronic voting machines and prohibits paper ballots
AB220 – Violates property rights and caps residential water use
AB175 – Adds Democrat appointees to School Boards
SB302 – Makes Nevada a sanctuary state for doctors who do transgender surgeries (including on minors)
SB172 – Would allow STD treatment for minor children without parental permission
SB239 – Assisted Suicide
SB443 – Reduces Voter ID requirements
AB262 – Allows non-citizens to serve on elected town boards

Use this link:

We can expect a last ditch effort on the part of the Democrats to push through as much of the “woke” garbage that they can possibly get in before the end of the session. The Governor kept his promise and vetoed the budget since the Democrats refused to even introduce any of his legislation. Of course, they claim that this will “shut down Nevada” and that “all support for children, elderly, veterans, etc., will be cut off”, none of which is true.

It is imperative that our Republican Senators continue to stand their ground and uphold the Governor’s vetoes. They hold a minority in the Nevada Senate, yet if they continue to stand together as Republicans and vote together, they have enough votes to uphold the Governor’s vetoes and the vetoes will stand. I would not want to be that one Republican Senator that turns traitor and votes with the Democrats to overturn a veto.  I can think of no quicker way to commit political suicide. There are people taking bets on which Republican Senator will turn and betray the party. As the Republican symbol is an elephant, and elephants have long memories, so do Nevada Republican. Ask any of the Republicans that were in office in 2015 when Republicans voted in the largest tax increase in the history of Nevada. We have been fighting to regain control of the Nevada Legislature ever since as the majority ended their political careers with that decision. Will you email the Nevada Republican Senators a note of encouragement as they have been voting together to uphold the Governor’s vetoes and request they continue to do so?


Bruce Parks


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It’s Making Our Schools MORE Dangerous

Meanwhile, WCSD’S School Board-minus-one Continues to Praise it.  Several times in the past few weeks WCSD School Board members Westlake, Rodriguez, and Mayberry spoke publicly in support of Restorative Discipline (RD) and what they wrongly believe it to be. The Board members’ presentations proved once again that they know less-than nothing about what’s wrong with our schools. They have NO idea how to fix them, and NO interest in learning more or changing their ways.

Meanwhile, the futures of WCSD’s 60,000 students continue to be held hostage to the Board’s ignorance and arrogance.

Restorative Discipline
• The Board didn’t mention (because they don’t know) that there is not ONE public school in America that claims to have EVER stopped violent student behavior solely with RD.
Never has been. Never will be.

That’s because Restorative Discipline is NOT really discipline.
It is simply flavor-of-the-month education jargon for typical counseling procedures.

Restorative Discipline counseling takes place AFTER damage to others has already been done.
RD counselors and staff meet with student offenders to encourage FUTURE lawful, compassionate behavior that will hopefully PREVENT additional anti-social incidents.

That’s well and good, BUT …
The national, years-long record of Restorative Discipline proves that counseling alone does NOTHING – absolutely NOTHING — to STOP the violent/gang/drug/abusive incidents that daily endanger students and staff at our schools.

Stopping serious student misbehavior can ONLY be accomplished by school staff physically and immediately intervening, as allowed by Nevada law.

Getting schools under control requires staff who won’t allow ANY disruptive student behavior to go unchallenged. You MUST have principals who will lead by example: personally breaking-up fights, removing disruptive students from class, confiscating drugs and weapons, and suspending and/or arresting perpetrators.

NOT UNTIL consistent, physical confrontation of bad student behavior is a daily practice, will ANY school have peace and safety.

Every student in a school must be convinced that misbehavior will be met with swift, certain consequences, and Restorative Discipline does NOT do that.
Until RD is removed from Washoe County schools and replaced with traditional discipline, student behavior will worsen, just like it has done for many years at numerous schools nation-wide.

Restorative Discipline counseling – or ANY kind of behavioral counseling works ONLY when counseled students are convinced that improving their own behavior is a better choice than receiving the harsher consequences waiting for them if they DON’T.

WCSD’s students continue to exhibit more – and more dangerous – misbehavior for one reason. They know that if they just repeatedly tell the Restorative Discipline counseling group that they “promise to do better next time,” then the ONLY consequence waiting for them is a Coke and a bag of popcorn in the principals’ or counselors’ offices. This truth of this claim has been validated by staff at numerous WCSD schools.

The School Board’s arrogance and ignorance regarding Restorative Discipline is doing irreparable damage to our entire county. The Board continues to publicly PRAISE RD, even as the drug/violence/teacher abuse issues it causes continue.

If the entire Board has not heard from you about this situation … they need to.

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Amid multiple lawsuits that WCSD is currently embroiled in, there exist the REAL fears of on campus violence / drug use ~ the R O T of SEL ~ gender curriculum ~ Marxist CRT ~ restorative justice practices ~ and intensely invasive data harvesting. Let’s quickly get our kids into SMALLER, SAFER schools that focus on discipline and traditional academics!

So many parents are speaking out. They are afraid to bring their kiddos to WCSD schools in northern Nevada. Are the WCSD administrators and Board of Trustees doing anything to stop it ?

GO CALVARY CHAPEL CHURCH of Reno, NV! They have 75 families in the church hosted Homeschool CO-OP!. Amongst the several forces opposed to our American liberties and the safety of our children, Pastor Phil McKay mentions the Marxist CRT and SEL in WCSD schools. He offers solutions:

1. Attend the June 8th ALTERNATIVE SCHOOLS CONFERENCE 8am to Noon at 2301 Kings Row in northwest Reno, NV. Please share this flyer on your social media! We are limited to only 20 more seats! To RSVP and secure your spot at the conference, call 775.439.9892.

2. Use the  app for your phone that will list patriotic businesses in Reno/Sparks. Lets give them our dollars!

3. SPEAK UP to protect and applaud our beloved US Constitution, freedoms, and the good values of life!

Every Parent Has Hope. . . HOMESCHOOL CO-OP!

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