Patriotic Review 4 July 2023 Independence Day

My fellow Patriots,

Happy Independence Day! As we celebrate possibly the most historic event in our country’s past, I would encourage each of you to reflect on what July 4th really means. Of course, it is a time for hot dogs on the grill, picnics along the river, gatherings of friends and family, and fireworks at night but it is SOOOO much more. The signers of the Declaration of Independence pledged their “lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor” (the last line from the document) in support of what they had signed. Many of them lost everything in the ensuing struggle to become free of a tyrannical government. Some had their entire family killed. Many lost their fortunes and their lives. However, not a single one of them betrayed their commitment to what they signed. They all retained their sacred honor.

When I see what is happening in our country and right here in our county, I am reminded of how these men must have felt. They recognized that their government had gotten out of control and had increasingly infringed on their God given rights. As many of you have heard me say, I believe we are in a war for the very existence of this great country. The leftists with their socialist agenda, would love to turn America into another failed attempt to establish their idea of utopia. To that I say, NOT ON MY WATCH! Our battle is not with our government but with those people within the government and outside the government that seek to change our country into something our Founding Fathers decried in the Declaration of Independence, a society controlled by the state. King George believed he was ordained to be the king and the British subjects (including the colonists) were duty bound to obey his every whim. Sound familiar? Socialism always requires a dictatorship.

As we celebrate Independence Day, I ask that you talk amongst your friends and family about the significance of what we are celebrating. I hope you all will renew your commitment to get involved in any way you are able, to turn Washoe County red and take back our county, our state, and our country. The signers of the Declaration of Independence committed everything. Ask yourself, what am I committed to?

Bruce Parks @Nevada Patriot: Conservative Politics

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