Patriotic Review. 3 Dec 2023. Relevant Events

Patriotic Review. 3 Dec 2023. Relevant Events

Hello fellow Patriots,

There are many people and organizations actively working to protect the innocence of the children of Washoe County. One group of citizens has started a petition to remove sexually explicit books that have been found on the shelves of both the Washoe County Library System and the Washoe County School District School Libraries. When attempting to read these books out loud at multiple Washoe County Board of County Commissioner meetings, Washoe County School Board of Trustee meetings and Library Board of Trustee meetings, the public has been gaveled down and silenced. The books are deemed too offensive to be read at our community meetings.

Read excerpts from these books (warning! they are obscene), linked to Capitol Resource Institute (a non-profit with a focus on removing obscene books from the school libraries), HERE. Decide for yourself and consider signing the petition. The petition link is also found below.

Wake Up Washoe County, a local non-profit founded by Nichelle Hull, is diligently working to start libraries that are safe for the perusal of children. Please see her book drive below.

Paul White, founder of Education Crusade, gives the state of Washoe County Schools in a series of short videos (see links in newsletter). He offers practical solutions to fixing the schools so that students may once again learn. He includes known, workable corrective measures.

As the season of giving quickly approaches, I challenge us to each ask ourselves, is there something that I can do to protect the innocence of the children. After all, they are worth it; they have to be as they are the future.

Last, you may want to check out Nevada Signal for the most up to date information that the local media forgets to carry.

Ringing in the Holidays,

Reva Crump, substituting for Bruce Parks @Nevada Patriot: Conservative Politics


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