Patriotic Review Ignoring Our Voices 7 March 22

Patriotic Review Ignoring Our Voices 7 March 22

Hello Patriots,

Here we are again struggling to have our voices heard by our elected officials. Our County Commissioners are still backpedaling on actions to ensure our votes count. We need to show up again this Tuesday, March 8th, to the Commissioner’s meeting and let them know how we feel. Did anyone notice that the 3/15 Commissioner Meeting has been cancelled already? That means that the proposal to fix our elections will not be heard this month. One can only wonder why…….

One of our guest speakers at our Nevada Patriot Meeting this Thursday is Robert Beadles. Robert Beadles has been leading the effort to true our election here in Washoe County. It will be quite eye opening to hear what he has for us his presentation. See below for more information.

According to the State of the Union address, everything is just great in the good old U.S.A. but we Patriots know better. We are almost to the point you have to take out a loan to fill your tank at the gas pump! This is not a “supply chain” issue. This is a failure of policy. Just a few years ago we were energy independent and a major exporter of oil. What happened? All I can say is, Let’s Go Brandon!

While I’m thinking about it, what happened to the Covid hysteria? I realize there is a free hat in every roll of aluminum foil, and I am not a conspiracy theorist, but for the last two years that is all we heard about. Our Governor has not lifted the Emergency Declaration so at any time we can be locked down and masked up again. Remember folks, those measures were just for your safety. Is it not interesting how people in power think it is okay to strip you of your liberties for your own safety? Hmmmmm………

Best regards,

Bruce Parks @Nevada Patriot: Conservative Politics

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Patriotic Review: CALL TO ACTION 22 Feb 2022

Patriotic Review: CALL TO ACTION 22 Feb 2022

Call to Action
February 22, 2022 at 10:00am
Washoe County Board of Commissioners
1001 E. 9th Street
Reno, Nevada
Arrive Early

My Fellow Patriots,

NOW is the time for action. Attend, email, call! DO what you can. You all did it once before on the 8th of February, 2022.

Hundreds of citizens attended the Washoe County Board of Commissioners Meeting on February 8th demanding our elections to be fair, honest and transparent.

Attending the Meeting
Commissioner Jeanne Herman (District 5) successfully placed on the 2/22/22 Board of County Commissioners Agenda a resolution with steps (allowable by law) to strengthen election processes and security of the 2022 election. Please see the attached Agenda and Resolution documents for your review & use in next week’s meeting. The Resolution is Item #14.

You may give general public comment at the beginning and at the end of the meeting (Items #3 and 18, respectively). You may also give Election Integrity related comment during Item #14. You may also speak on any other item on the agenda about which you are concerned, but it must be related to that item alone.

Link to the Agenda

Washoe County Registrar Deanna Spikula will be giving a presentation on “Election Administration for the 2022 Election” (Item #5). This is a discussion item only, likely without public comment, (that may change). Do use that presentation to augment any comments you may want to make on Item #14.

Comments are limited to 3 minutes. Please identify yourself for the record and consider stating, “Please ensure my comments are entered into the public record, per NRS 241.035.” This NRS is the Open Meeting Law statute and requires that the clerk take accurate minutes of your comments made during the meeting.

Please keep in mind this is a business meeting. The guidelines for conduct of the meeting are detailed on the first page of the attached agenda. Please review & be familiar with the rules to ensure we have engaging, but PEACEFUL and PATRIOTIC citizen participation.

Since the resolution and agenda have been publicized, there have been articles and social media posts condemning the resolution, inaccurately claiming it’s an effort to unlawfully suppress the vote and intimidate voters. Nothing could be further from the truth. The proposals are intended to LAWFULLY tighten provisions of the election process in order to ensure election integrity. It is disappointing to receive such criticism, but not unexpected. Our job as citizens will be to make solid, respectful points in support of this resolution. We may suffer attacks from slings and arrows of opposing forces, but we know we stand on firm Constitutional principles in demanding our elected representatives redress our grievances as provided in the First Amendment of our Bill of Rights.

Quick Points to Make in Response to the NV Dems Article

NV Dems Article Link

Email or Call
Bob Lucey 775 328 2012
Vaughn Hartung 775 328 2007
Kitty Jung 775 328 2007 cell 775 560 7150
Alexis Hill 775 328 2011 cell 775 447 3017
Jeanne Herman 775 501 0002


Bruce Parks