Patriotic Review 4 July 2023 Independence Day

Patriotic Review 4 July 2023 Independence Day

My fellow Patriots,

Happy Independence Day! As we celebrate possibly the most historic event in our country’s past, I would encourage each of you to reflect on what July 4th really means. Of course, it is a time for hot dogs on the grill, picnics along the river, gatherings of friends and family, and fireworks at night but it is SOOOO much more. The signers of the Declaration of Independence pledged their “lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor” (the last line from the document) in support of what they had signed. Many of them lost everything in the ensuing struggle to become free of a tyrannical government. Some had their entire family killed. Many lost their fortunes and their lives. However, not a single one of them betrayed their commitment to what they signed. They all retained their sacred honor.

When I see what is happening in our country and right here in our county, I am reminded of how these men must have felt. They recognized that their government had gotten out of control and had increasingly infringed on their God given rights. As many of you have heard me say, I believe we are in a war for the very existence of this great country. The leftists with their socialist agenda, would love to turn America into another failed attempt to establish their idea of utopia. To that I say, NOT ON MY WATCH! Our battle is not with our government but with those people within the government and outside the government that seek to change our country into something our Founding Fathers decried in the Declaration of Independence, a society controlled by the state. King George believed he was ordained to be the king and the British subjects (including the colonists) were duty bound to obey his every whim. Sound familiar? Socialism always requires a dictatorship.

As we celebrate Independence Day, I ask that you talk amongst your friends and family about the significance of what we are celebrating. I hope you all will renew your commitment to get involved in any way you are able, to turn Washoe County red and take back our county, our state, and our country. The signers of the Declaration of Independence committed everything. Ask yourself, what am I committed to?

Bruce Parks @Nevada Patriot: Conservative Politics

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Patriotic Review 4 July 2023 Independence Day

Patriotic Review 4 June 2023 Legislative, Education Crusade, Wake Up Washoe County

Hello Patriots,

The Legislature officially ends tomorrow, however, there is still much to be done. We need to encourage our Republican Senators to uphold the Governor’s vetoes and we need to encourage the Governor to veto the bad bills that will be flooding his desk.

The following link lists the bills that we know of right now that Republican Senators must uphold the Governor’s veto.

These are the bills thus far that we need to encourage the Governor to veto:

AB242 – Requires electronic voting machines and prohibits paper ballots
AB220 – Violates property rights and caps residential water use
AB175 – Adds Democrat appointees to School Boards
SB302 – Makes Nevada a sanctuary state for doctors who do transgender surgeries (including on minors)
SB172 – Would allow STD treatment for minor children without parental permission
SB239 – Assisted Suicide
SB443 – Reduces Voter ID requirements
AB262 – Allows non-citizens to serve on elected town boards

Use this link:

We can expect a last ditch effort on the part of the Democrats to push through as much of the “woke” garbage that they can possibly get in before the end of the session. The Governor kept his promise and vetoed the budget since the Democrats refused to even introduce any of his legislation. Of course, they claim that this will “shut down Nevada” and that “all support for children, elderly, veterans, etc., will be cut off”, none of which is true.

It is imperative that our Republican Senators continue to stand their ground and uphold the Governor’s vetoes. They hold a minority in the Nevada Senate, yet if they continue to stand together as Republicans and vote together, they have enough votes to uphold the Governor’s vetoes and the vetoes will stand. I would not want to be that one Republican Senator that turns traitor and votes with the Democrats to overturn a veto.  I can think of no quicker way to commit political suicide. There are people taking bets on which Republican Senator will turn and betray the party. As the Republican symbol is an elephant, and elephants have long memories, so do Nevada Republican. Ask any of the Republicans that were in office in 2015 when Republicans voted in the largest tax increase in the history of Nevada. We have been fighting to regain control of the Nevada Legislature ever since as the majority ended their political careers with that decision. Will you email the Nevada Republican Senators a note of encouragement as they have been voting together to uphold the Governor’s vetoes and request they continue to do so?


Bruce Parks


What’s going on at YOUR school?
Confidential Hotline – (775) 685.8200


It’s Making Our Schools MORE Dangerous

Meanwhile, WCSD’S School Board-minus-one Continues to Praise it.  Several times in the past few weeks WCSD School Board members Westlake, Rodriguez, and Mayberry spoke publicly in support of Restorative Discipline (RD) and what they wrongly believe it to be. The Board members’ presentations proved once again that they know less-than nothing about what’s wrong with our schools. They have NO idea how to fix them, and NO interest in learning more or changing their ways.

Meanwhile, the futures of WCSD’s 60,000 students continue to be held hostage to the Board’s ignorance and arrogance.

Restorative Discipline
• The Board didn’t mention (because they don’t know) that there is not ONE public school in America that claims to have EVER stopped violent student behavior solely with RD.
Never has been. Never will be.

That’s because Restorative Discipline is NOT really discipline.
It is simply flavor-of-the-month education jargon for typical counseling procedures.

Restorative Discipline counseling takes place AFTER damage to others has already been done.
RD counselors and staff meet with student offenders to encourage FUTURE lawful, compassionate behavior that will hopefully PREVENT additional anti-social incidents.

That’s well and good, BUT …
The national, years-long record of Restorative Discipline proves that counseling alone does NOTHING – absolutely NOTHING — to STOP the violent/gang/drug/abusive incidents that daily endanger students and staff at our schools.

Stopping serious student misbehavior can ONLY be accomplished by school staff physically and immediately intervening, as allowed by Nevada law.

Getting schools under control requires staff who won’t allow ANY disruptive student behavior to go unchallenged. You MUST have principals who will lead by example: personally breaking-up fights, removing disruptive students from class, confiscating drugs and weapons, and suspending and/or arresting perpetrators.

NOT UNTIL consistent, physical confrontation of bad student behavior is a daily practice, will ANY school have peace and safety.

Every student in a school must be convinced that misbehavior will be met with swift, certain consequences, and Restorative Discipline does NOT do that.
Until RD is removed from Washoe County schools and replaced with traditional discipline, student behavior will worsen, just like it has done for many years at numerous schools nation-wide.

Restorative Discipline counseling – or ANY kind of behavioral counseling works ONLY when counseled students are convinced that improving their own behavior is a better choice than receiving the harsher consequences waiting for them if they DON’T.

WCSD’s students continue to exhibit more – and more dangerous – misbehavior for one reason. They know that if they just repeatedly tell the Restorative Discipline counseling group that they “promise to do better next time,” then the ONLY consequence waiting for them is a Coke and a bag of popcorn in the principals’ or counselors’ offices. This truth of this claim has been validated by staff at numerous WCSD schools.

The School Board’s arrogance and ignorance regarding Restorative Discipline is doing irreparable damage to our entire county. The Board continues to publicly PRAISE RD, even as the drug/violence/teacher abuse issues it causes continue.

If the entire Board has not heard from you about this situation … they need to.

Subscribe to Education Crusade e-mail by sending your e-mail address to:

Support Education Crusade’s mission:
775.439.9892 (WUWC)

Amid multiple lawsuits that WCSD is currently embroiled in, there exist the REAL fears of on campus violence / drug use ~ the R O T of SEL ~ gender curriculum ~ Marxist CRT ~ restorative justice practices ~ and intensely invasive data harvesting. Let’s quickly get our kids into SMALLER, SAFER schools that focus on discipline and traditional academics!

So many parents are speaking out. They are afraid to bring their kiddos to WCSD schools in northern Nevada. Are the WCSD administrators and Board of Trustees doing anything to stop it ?

GO CALVARY CHAPEL CHURCH of Reno, NV! They have 75 families in the church hosted Homeschool CO-OP!. Amongst the several forces opposed to our American liberties and the safety of our children, Pastor Phil McKay mentions the Marxist CRT and SEL in WCSD schools. He offers solutions:

1. Attend the June 8th ALTERNATIVE SCHOOLS CONFERENCE 8am to Noon at 2301 Kings Row in northwest Reno, NV. Please share this flyer on your social media! We are limited to only 20 more seats! To RSVP and secure your spot at the conference, call 775.439.9892.

2. Use the  app for your phone that will list patriotic businesses in Reno/Sparks. Lets give them our dollars!

3. SPEAK UP to protect and applaud our beloved US Constitution, freedoms, and the good values of life!

Every Parent Has Hope. . . HOMESCHOOL CO-OP!

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Patriotic Review 16 Feb 2023 Reading Bills for Our Legislature and the Education Crusade

Patriotic Review 16 Feb 2023 Reading Bills for Our Legislature and the Education Crusade

My fellow Patriots,

The State of Nevada 82nd Legislative Session has begun. What Republican Legislators need from us is assisstance reading and synopsing the bills, emailing, calling and opining on bills, and thanking them when they hold fast to Conservative principles. Here is a link, volunteer where you are able

You may want to look at the updated information Paul White has gathered for the Education Crusade (below) or attend a nice dinner at no cost to you while enjoying the company of fellow Conservatives at the Freedom Friday Event on February 24th

Save the date for the February 28th Washoe County Board of Commissioners Meeting.

-Get your Library Card. Have it ready to show to the Commissioners.
-Carry a small US Flag.
-When giving your public comment, REQUEST THIS BE READ INTO THE MINUTES OF THE MEETING verbatim.
-Introduce yourself as a tax payer living in Washoe County and that _**_ is the Commissioner that is your representative. Hold up your Washoe       County Library card and flag demonstrating that you ARE a Washoe County taxpayer and have a vested interest in the Library Programing.
-Give your public comment. (We are requesting that Drag Queen Story Time/Hour NOT be held at our taxpayer funded libraries and we are requesting it be placed on a future agenda.)

**To find your Commissioner click here.

Bruce Parks @Nevada Patriot: Conservative Politics

To view the entire newsletter:

Patriotic Review 5 Feb 23 The 82nd Legislature and More

Patriotic Review 5 Feb 23 The 82nd Legislature and More

My fellow Patriots,

The legislative session starts this Monday and I am very anxious about the bills that our democrat controlled legislature will introduce. I expect to see more money being wasted on education, an expansion of the voting regulations, an increase in taxes, attacks on the 2nd Amendment, and a focus on social justice issues. What I would like to see, but have no hope for, is a repeal of AB 321 which allows for ballot harvesting among other things. I would also hope for Constitutional Carry for Nevada but I don’t expect to see that. The point here is that we must all be involved if we want to see change. It is not at all difficult to email your representatives when there is a bad bill being brought forward. You may also attend hearings via Zoom or even call in and voice your concerns. Janine Hanson with Eagle Forum is conducting Citizen Lobbyist training for persons that want to take a more active role in what comes from our lawmakers (see opportunities below and read more here). I strongly encourage all of you that desire to influence the outcome of this legislative session to get involved at some level. After all, our legislators are supposed to represent us. But they cannot do that if they do not know what is important to us. By communicating our concerns, we expose those elected officials that listen to the people and those that ignore the people and push their own agenda. Stay tuned for ways to participate in the State of Nevada 82nd Legislative Session.

Paul White is still pursuing the improvement of the Washoe County School District (WCSD) with his activities in the Education Crusade. Some of the information he has dug up is unbelievable and shows clearly that the WCSD does not have the fundamentals of education as a priority (see contact information below and read more at Another organization having multiple goals and headed up by Nichelle Hull, is Wake Up Washoe County . Their focus is not only education, it includes other issues that affect our community. One such issue is Drag Queen Story Hour in our taxpayer funded libraries. The next Library Board of Trustees meeting will be held February 15h at the Sierra View Library at 4pm. This is still an ongoing struggle to remove this program from being presented since there is ample evidence that shows how this program is harmful to children. There is only one single email address, for ALL of the Trustees to receive your comments, a very odd sitution to say the least. Finally, “Save The Date” for February 28th. There will more more information coming regarding this date.

I want you all to know how much I appreciate what every individual stepping up to make our community a better place to live and raise a family means to me. I am proud call you all Patriots!

Bruce Parks @Nevada Patriot: Conservative Politics

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Patriotic Review: 18 October, 2022

Patriotic Review: 18 October, 2022

Hello fellow Patriots,

It’s time for the Washoe County Library Board of Trustees to meet.
WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 19, 2022 4:00 P.M.
Sparks Library 1125 12th St, Sparks, NV 89431

10/19/2022 – Agenda – Minutes – Hybrid – Virtual Meeting & Sparks Library

We did request (by email to the Library Director) that Drag Queen Story Hour be placed on the Agenda for discussion and resolution, yet we did not meet the time requirements for it to be agendized this meeting.

Please note that meetings for the Library Board were cancelled for the months of June, July and August of 2022. This is in the Agenda Packet. It is somewhat disconcerting that with the record attendance at the September meeting and the concerns regarding Drag Queen Story Hour that the item was not placed on the Agenda without a public request.

From the Agenda Packet:

“Library Director Update 10/10/22
Library Board of Trustees Update
Our next LBOT meeting will be on October 19 at the Sparks Library. You will notice minor edits to the bylaws and new agenda format emphasizing patron conduct. We had many public comments at the September meeting protesting the Drag Queen Storytime. I am unsure why they chose September to protest when we have our Pride events in June and July. I know libraries were generally under attack during Banned Books Week (the same week as our board meeting), which forced libraries to close due to bomb threats. I have met with our county counsel and board chair about conduct during the meeting and how to handle it. I am confident that we will be able to maintain order in future meetings.”

Problems with the Drag Queen Story Hour around the country:

Should the Drag Queen Story Hour become agendized, we will send you an email.

I’ll be there at the meeting Wednesday,

Bruce Parks

MEETING: 11 August 2022 Spanish Springs

MEETING: 11 August 2022 Spanish Springs

Nevada Patriot Meeting

11 August 22    Spanish Springs Library    6:30pm

Speaking will be David McNeely of 5-Alpha Industries discussing home security measures


Lynn Chapman of Nevada Families for Freedom talking about ballot measures.