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Taking Nevada Back By Recalling Sisolak:  Battle ★ Born ★ Patriots

We are a grassroots group of volunteers that has made nothing less than a herculean effort to serve the people of Nevada. We started this effort with 17 counties lead volunteers with possibly no other volunteers and have managed to start an entirely new Recall Entity out of courage and sheer determination to do the right thing for Nevada. We are focused on one goal, to REMOVE a TYRANT from office. The world is watching and once this is done, anyone running for office will remember what “WE THE PEOPLE” means.

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Reno Tax Revolt

Reno Tax Revolt is your watchdog over Washoe County School District taxes and fees as well as waste, fraud and abuse.

Nevada Right to Life Petition

Did you know, in the state of Nevada, that abortion is the only medical procedure that a minor child can undergo without parental notification? On March 13, 2020, Nevada Right to Life filed the Protect Our Girls Statutory Initiative (S04-2020).  This procedure, which requires 100,000 signatures by November 10th allows our voices to be heard. It gives the legislature one more opportunity to fix the parental notification statute.  If they refuse, Nevadans will vote on the 2022 ballot.   If approved, this initiative requires doctors to inform one parent prior to a minor girl receiving an abortion.

Contact:  https://nevadarighttolife.org/

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The Election is Getting Closer

The Election is Getting Closer

Hello Fellow Patriots, I was so excited to see everyone that attended the in person Nevada Patriot Meeting last Thursday. I have really missed seeing you all. We had some great speakers. First was Eddie Lorton; he shared information about his campaign to be elected to...

October 8th Nevada Patriot Meeting

October 8th Nevada Patriot Meeting

Nevada Patriot will be holding an indoor meeting on October 8th from 6pm - 8pm at the Trump Headquarters located at 1155 W. 4th Street in Reno (Keystone Plaza). Guest speakers include Eddie Lorton who is running in a highly contested race for Reno City Council At...

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